London’s Best Halal-friendly Cheesecakes

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Craving for a cheesecake? Luckily, London has plenty to offer! Whether it’s a Japanese-style Souffle Cheesecake, classic New York-style Cheesecake, Burnt Basque Cheesecake, or other innovative styles, you can easily find one around town. Here are nine amazing spots in London that we love and where you can treat yourself to a slice or two halal-friendly cheesecakes!

Halal Cheesecake in London

Whipped London, Brixton

Majority of people, if not all, would agree that Whipped London makes some of the best cheesecakes in London! Whether it’s the original New York-style baked cheesecake or some of their more decadent flavours like Cookies & Cream, Red Velvet, Wild Blueberry Crumble etc., they never disappoint. Cheesecakes aside, they also make incredible cookies that are just as good!

Address: Unit 65 Brixton Village, Coldharbour Lane, London SW9 8PS

Kova Patisserie, Various Locations

Kova Patisserie is one of the first Japanese cafes in London. They are initially most known for their Mille Crepe cakes but soon after they launched their Sea Salt Lava Cheesecake on the menu, it’s become one of their best-sellers in no time! It’s got a fluffy Asian sponge chiffon cake as the base, which is then filled with a sea salt cheese pastry cream (i.e. the “lava”), and topped with cocoa powder, crispy crepes, dried cranberries and sultanas.

Locations: Soho / South Kensington / Chinatown 

Lurra, Marble Arch

Lurra is a Spanish restaurant with a focus on Basque and chargrilled cooking. The meats are not halal but they do make the most amazing Basque cheesecake which is halal-friendly! They are easily the best Basque cheesecake you can find in London, featuring a lusciously gooey and custard-like texture and rich flavours. You can pop by the restaurant any time to purchase cheesecake by the slice, or they also do whole cheesecakes that are available for delivery in London every Friday. 

Address: 9 Seymour Place, London W1H 5BA

Cakes & Bubbles, Piccadilly Circus

Located on the busy but charming Regent’s Street, Cakes & Bubbles is a must-visit for cheesecake connoisseurs. Their famous signature cheesecake is like no other and one of a kind. Using Baron Bigod Cheese, a creamy soft-ripened cheese from the Brie family, the cheesecake oozes a unique nutty and earthy flavour, all enveloped in a hazelnut & white chocolate coating plus their homemade Sable Breton. It’s truly quite a special one. The signature cheesecake aside, you can also find the likes of Classic Basque Burnt Cheesecake, Matcha Basque Cheesecake and Mocha Coffee Basque Cheesecake on their menu.

Address: 70 Regent St., London W1B 4DY

Honey & Co, Bloomsbury and Great Portland Street 

Ever considered cheesecake with a Middle Eastern twist? Honey & Co’s cheesecake is almost like an in-between of a cheesecake and kunafe. Their Feta & Honey Cheesecake features a creamy vanilla feta cheesecake over a katafiyeh base, complemented with a drizzle of Greek thyme honey and topped with almonds & blueberries.

Locations: Bloomsbury (opening soon) / Great Portland Street (named Honey & Smoke)

Sakurado, Chinatown and South Kensington

You may know Sakurado for their Mille Crepe cakes, which come in a wide variety of flavours to choose from. But if you ask me, I think their Burnt Basque Cheesecake and Jiggly Japanese Cheesecake are better options! The Burnt Basque Cheesecake is moist and creamy to taste and that fluffy airy texture of the Jiggly Cheesecake is simply irresistible.

Locations: Chinatown / South Kensington

Tsujiri, Chinatown

Tsujiri is well-known for everything matcha and offering some of the best quality Japanese matcha available in London. Drinks and ice cream aside, they also do a small selection of bakery treats including their Matcha Basque Cheesecake, which is a delightful treat for matcha lovers. Additionally, they also have two other flavours – the original Kinako cheesecake and Hojicha cheesecake. 

Address: 33 Newport Court, London, WC2H 7PQ

Romulo Café, Kensington

Ube is currently the new flavour in trend, and there’s no better place to make a stunning Ube cheesecake than the award-winning Romulo Café! The Ube Cheesecake comes in a vibrant purplish hue and is prettily topped with desiccated coconut. It tastes as good as it looks with each bite oozing a subtly sweet flavour and featuring a wonderfully soft and creamy mouthfeel. 

Address: 343 Kensington High Street, London, W8 6NW

Fait Maison, Kensington and Gloucester Road

On top of pretty interiors, Fait Maison does a pretty good slice of San Sebastian Cheesecake too! It’s not just your regular slice of cheesecake, but one that comes with a luscious chocolate sauce to pour over the cake. They have somehow mastered the perfect recipe where the combination of cheesecake and chocolate together doesn’t get overwhelmingly rich or too sweet. 

Address: Fait Maison Kensington 3 Stratford Road, London, W8 6RQ | Fait Maison Gloucester Road 50 Gloucester Road, London, SW7 4QT

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