The 2020 List of Michelin Starred Restaurants in London that Serve Halal

by HGAT | 08/10/2019
Halal Michelin Starred restaurants in London s

Yesterday, the Michelin Guide announced the 2020 star ratings for restaurants in London. There were stars lost, stars gained, restaurants closing, and even exciting new entries on to the list! Last year, we featured a piece on the Michelin-starred restaurants in London that serve halal options on their menu and found that 23 of the featured establishments out of 70 were able to cater for us. Whilst this may not be a huge number, it certainly makes a change to what was available to us 10 years ago. 

Read the Ultimate Guide to Halal Michelin-starred Restaurants in London here

Unfortunately, the list of Michelin-starred restaurants in London that do offer halal options has shortened this year! Benares and Galvin at Windows have lost their stars, as well as Araki, the first Japanese in London to win 3 stars, who have now lost all their stars as the chef headed back to Japan. Yikes.

Sadly, there are no halal restaurants* on the list, more so establishments that serve a partial halal menu or halal on request. Let’s do away with the weekly opening of a new halal burger joint and focus on creating outstanding halal restaurants that are worthy of a star, or two, or maybe three! 

*There is a difference between a halal restaurant and one that serves halal. A halal restaurant is one that tends to be run by a Muslim and serves all halal meats on their menu. A restaurant that serves halal is an establishment that is usually owned by a non-muslim but can cater for halal – they usually have a partial halal menu.

Celeste Halal Michelin Starred Restaurants in London
Credit: Time Out

Here is the 2020 list of Michelin Starred Restaurants in London that Serve Halal


Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester – Halal beef fillet on request


Claude Bosi at Bibendum – Halal chicken and lamb can be preordered when booking

Hélène Darroze at The Connaught – Halal beef sirloin can be preordered 72 hours in advance

La Dame de Pic – Halal meat can be preordered 72 hours in advance


The Goring Dining Room– Halal chicken and lamb can be preordered 48 hours in advance

Quilon – Chicken and lamb is halal

Hide – Halal meat can be preordered 72 hours in advance 

The Ritz Restaurant – Halal meat can be preordered 48 hours in advance

Seven Park Place – Halal chicken and lamb can be preordered 24 hours in advance 

Gymkhana – Chicken, lamb, and goat is halal

Amaya – Select chicken and lamb dishes are halal

Celeste – Ribeye beef is halal and other halal meat can be preordered 48 hours in advance

Kai – Chicken and lamb are halal 

Veeraswamy – Chicken and lamb is halal

Locanda Locatelli – Halal meat can be preordered 48 hours in advance

Trishna – Chicken and lamb is halal

Clove Club – Halal meat can be preordered when booking

Galvin La Chapelle – Halal chicken can be preordered when booking

River Cafe – Halal meat can be preordered when booking

La Trompette – Halal meat can be preordered when booking 


For a more in depth piece on each of these establishments, read the ultimate guide here. 


Here is a table of all the London restaurants that won stars in 2020


RestaurantLocationCuisineHalal StatusNumber of Stars
Alain Ducasse at The DorchesterPark LaneFrenchBeef fillet halal***
Restaurant Gordon RamsayChelseaFrenchNot halal***
Sketch (Lecture Room and Library)Oxford CircusEuropeanNot halal***
Claude Bosi at BibendumSouth KensingtonFrenchCan preorder halal chicken and lamb**
Core by Clare SmythNotting HillBritishNot halal**
Dinner by Heston BlumenthalKnightsbridgeBritishNot halal**
GreenhouseKnightsbridgeFrenchNot halal**
Hélène Darroze at The ConnaughtMayfairFrenchCan preorder halal beef sirloin 72 HOURS in advance**
Kitchen Table at BubbledogsMayfairBritishNot halal**
La Dame de PicTower HillFrenchCan preorder halal 72 HOURS in advance**
Le GavrocheKnightsbridgeFrenchNot halal**
The LedburyNotting HillEuropeanNot halal**
UmuMayfairJapaneseNot halal**
A WongVictoriaChineseNot halal*
Alyn Williams at The WestburyMayfairEuropeanNot halal*
AmayaKnightsbridgeIndianHalal chicken and lamb - select dishes*
AnglerLiverpool StreetBritishNot halal but most of the menu is fish*
AquavitPiccadilly CircusNordicNot halal*
BarrafinaSohoSpanishNot halal*
BratShoreditchEuropeanNot halal*
CelesteHyde Park CornerFrenchHalal beef ribeye available. Can preorder 48 HOURS in advance*
Chez BruceWandsworth CommonEuropeanNot halal*
City SocialCityBritishNot halal*
Clove ClubShoreditchEuropeanCan preorder*
Club GasconBarbicanFrenchNot halal*
Da TerraHackneyLatin AmericanNot halal*
Dysart PetershamRichmondBritishNot halal*
Elystan StreetChelseaEuropeanNot halal*
Endo at the RotundaWhite CityJapaneseNot halal*
Five FieldsSloane SquareEuropeanNot halal*
Galvin La ChapelleShoreditchFrenchCan preorder halal chicken*
GymkhanaGreen ParkIndianHalal chicken, lamb, and goat*
HakkasanMayfairChineseNot halal*
HakkasanFitzroviaChineseNot halal*
HidePiccadillyBritishCan preorder halal 72 HOURS in advance*
IkoyiSt James MarketWest AfricanNot halal*
KaiMayfairChineseHalal chicken and lamb*
Kitchen W8KensingtonEuropeanNot halal*
La TrompetteChiswickFrenchCan preorder dishes*
LeroyShoreditchBritishNot halal*
Locanda LocatelliMarble ArchItalianCan preorder halal meat 48 HOURS in advance*
Lyle'sShoreditchEuropeanNot halal*
MaosShoreditchPortugeseNot halal*
MarcusKnightsbridgeBritishNot halal*
MuranoMayfairItalianNot halal*
PetrusKnightsbridgeFrenchNot halal*
Pied a TerreFitzroviaFrenchNot halal*
Pollen Street SocialMayfairBritishNot halal*
PortlandMaryleboneEuropeanNot halal*
QuilonSt James ParkIndianHalal chicken and lamb*
Restaurant StoryLondon BridgeBritishNot halal*
River CafeChiswickItalianCan preorder halal meat*
RoganicMaryleboneBritishNot halal*
SaborMayfairSpanishNot halal*
Seven Park Place by William DrabbleGreen ParkFrenchCan preorder halal chicken and lamb 24 HOURS in advance*
Social Eating HouseSohoBritishNot halal*
St JohnClerkenwellBritishNot halal*
TextureMaryleboneScandinavianNot halal*
The GlasshouseKewEuropeanNot halal*
The Goring Dining RoomVictoriaBritishCan preorder halal chicken and lamb 48 HOURS in advance*
The Harwood ArmsFulhamBritishNot halal*
The NinthFitzroviaFrenchNot halal*
The RitzGreen ParkBritishCan preorder halal 48 HOURS in advance*
The SquareMayfairFrenchNot halal*
TrinityClaphamEuropeanNot halal*
TrishnaMaryleboneIndianHalal chicken and lamb*
VeeraswamyMayfairIndianHalal chicken and lamb*


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