Murtabak | Gopal’s Corner | £7.00

Guest post by @halalcitylife

Who doesn’t love a quick, cheap and filling South Indian lunch? Try out the £7 Murtabak at Gopal’s
Corner which sells authentic Malaysian and Tamil food.

Many of you will already know about the infamous cheap eat Roti King, well now welcome the sister
branch, Gopal’s Corner, to the halal scene. The food is similar in nature; authentic Malaysian food
with that homely feeling and taste. The stall is located in the buzzy Victoria Market Hall which means
it’s a great place to grab a lunch whilst revelling in the London street food and communal dining

The food itself is all freshly made to order and it retains that unique authenticity in terms of textures
and spices that Roti King is famous for. In the Murtabak, the roti was crunchy on the outside and
meat was a soft gentle layer inside, all to be nicely dipped in the dhall. It is one of those dishes that
stops lunch feeling like lunch, rather an experience. However, it is hard not to compare and it did feel
like it was missing the real down to earth food and wow factor that Roti King has; maybe that’s the
nature of replicating authentic home cooked food in different restaurants. Nevertheless, it is a great
option of a Malaysian dish that’s filling and in a location that has the buzzy London spirit.

Alternative dish
Alternative dish options include; Roti Canai for £6.95-£8.95 and various other Halal Cheap Eat

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Halal Status: All meats are halal. No pork and alcohol is served.

Website: Gopal’s Corner

Address: 191 Victoria Street, London SW1E 5NE


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