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…And that’s as far as my Swahili goes! But hey, at least I tried!

So when my parents are feeling a little homesick there’s only one place they like to go…Nargis Kapuri.

I may be a little biased here and say I find no faults in this place at all, like, none –  zilch.

But then I have to be honest for you guys and tell you the real deal.

Deep within and all the way on one end of the high street, away from the hustle and bustle of the bangle laden streets of Southall, lies a family owned East African restaurant.  Filled with less than ten tables, it always seems to be packed and busy on the weekends with dates, families, and friends.

Nargisi has been around for longer than I remember and for a family owned establishment to be around for so long can only mean it is doing something right. To me the traditional African flavours are rare in cosmopolitan Britain and is the perfect safe haven for people of all ages to eat simple tasty food at. So here goes:

Special Faluda
Due to older sibling-syndrome, I was coaxed into believing that this was full of frogs spawn and worms and so I used to avoid it like a plague. But my common sense finally caught up to me and I cannot believe how and why I would allow myself to miss out on something soooo unbelievably scrumptious!  Now this dessert drink has become a “must” and not after my meal, but with my meal…I know I’m not the only one.

Frogspawn & WormsMilk, a large scoop of vanilla ice cream, kulfi, rose syrup… the lot. This glass comes jam packed with fatty goodness and I always end up finishing it before any of the food even arrives at the table.

Masala Chips

ChilliChips Yes yes yes! Chunky chips slathered in ketchup and smothered in an equal amount of chilli; this is why I order the special faluda to help put out the fire, but it never works out that way.

This is what the Kenyans call cassava. They come hot, crispy and fresh. I love how the mogo is cripsy to the bite but soft in the middle. When paired with the complimentary sauces on the table, it forms the perfcet combination, but just be careful of the heat.

Mince and Egg Chapatti
MinceEgg Chaps
The dish is exactly what the name describes. Dried mince mixed with egg and sandwiched between a thin layer of chapatti, which is then fried. It’s served piping hot and is a personal favourite of mine!  It is light and is perfect to eat with the rest of your meal.

Dhaal Bhaaji
Normal dhal bhaaji; nothing special so nothing to really write about unfortunately.

Lamb Tikka
The lamb was soft and easy to bite through. Naturally we like it a little spicy but it can easily be made to however spiciness you prefer.  My sister always needed it as mild as can be, but it is marinated so well that spice is not required to enjoy the dish.

So you guys already know that chicken isn’t really my cup of tea and I won’t be declaring that this dish changed my devious ways but I gladly finished the spring chicken smothered in tandoori spices. The chicken was juicy and tasted even better with generous lashings of lemon juice.  The boneless chicken tikka is just as tasty and remains as juicy as the flesh straight from the bone.


The parting gift from this place is the perfect way to end a meal – the paan. Baby paan, sweet paan, paan by the bottle.. the lot.  It is so juicy and has enough filling to be quite the mouthful.  People from abroad even buy a few bottles to take home because it is just so juicy and yummy.

The total bill came to 48.95 for 3 which may seem steep, but not considering the amount we ordered.

There’s lots on the menu to discover such as fresh baraazi with mandazi, crunchy samosa, and other traditional savory goodies for those pure East Africans at heart. Others may disagree with this review, but for me, it’s one of those safe options that my family and I turn to when in need for good hearty true home food.

So if you are in the area then visit Nargis Kapuri and be charmed by the simple nature of the staff and food.

Owner is Muslim and has verified the halal status

Address: 25 The Green, Southall, Middlesex, UB2 4AN
Telephone: 0208 574 5041
Closest Station: Southall overground station
Parking: Free parking in surrounding area after 6:30pm or pay and display

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