My (almost) 1 Year Old’s Daily Routine

Being a stay-at-home mum who also happens to work-from-home, I found getting into a good routine quite difficult to start with. As Aadam grew older, we naturally fell into a good rhythm with the odd hiccup here and there (teething, a cold, the works). Fun fact: babies absolutely love routines and want to know what’s going to happen next.

Today, I’ll be sharing with you My (almost) 1 Year Old’s Daily Routine. I truly do believe in keeping some form of schedule, especially if you are a stay-at-home, as it provides you with some control of your life as well as keeping you sane. I can proudly say that I can finally enjoy a hot cup of tea (and also a daily shower)!

My routine may differ slightly due to the following reasons:

  • I am working from home but my work also takes me out of the house too.
  • He goes to Montessori two half mornings a week – this has been a lifesaver and is something I will touch on in another post.
  • I tend to take him out every day so that this little duracell bunny can expel his energy
  • He takes more frequent but very short naps through the day.
  • Finally, kids are unpredictable, so this is just a rough schedule.

This post has been sponsored by For Aisha baby food, but I have been a big fan of their products as it helped me to wean Aadam onto solids! I will always be impartial and all views are my own. 


4:30-5:30AM (told you it was early!) – Aadam will get up sometime in between, and if I’m really lucky, he’ll sleep until 7. This is something I still haven’t gotten used to and I curse myself for not going to sleep earlier the night before.

6:00AM – Abbas is awake for work and will spend time with Aadam, whilst I snooze a little longer. He will get him dressed for the day and ready to go.

7:00-7:30AM – He starts his havoc whilst I get his breakfast ready. I usually rotate between three dishes: yoghurt with fruits, very buttery toast with a side of avocado, or cereal with whole milk.

7:30-8:00AM – He’ll have a quick feed and take a nap.


8:00AM – He’s up and full of energy. Depending on the day of the week, I will take him either to nursery or play with him at home.


8:00-11:30AM – He usually has his naps, snacks, and lunch at nursery, whilst playing with paint, a sensory box, or reading with teachers. Whilst the school provides lunch (halal ones!), I make sure to pack a daily snack or two for him in his bag. This will either be fresh fruit or if I don’t have any on hand, one of these For Aisha fruit sachets.

He absolutely loves the strawberry and mint flavour, and I love that they packets have zero preservatives added to them.

During this time, I get a crack on HGAT by writing posts, editing videos, conducting research on yummy restaurants, getting through all my emails, and speaking to companies. It is a rush to get everything done during this short period of time but I can make a good dent when I have undisturbed time.

12PM – Pick Aadam up from Nursery


8:00-9:30AM – I’ll read a couple of books with him, play with his sensory box, and building blocks. I’ll also pack his baby bag with snacks (the same ones as I pack for nursery), his lunch, and a few toys.

10-10:30AM – Feed and nap. For this nap, I’m usually on my way out so he will either sleep in the car or in the stroller.

10:30-11:30PM – I’ll take him out for one of the following activities:

  • Storytime at the library
  • Playdates
  • Swing set at the park
  • Play Gym – the baby gym at Westfield is awesome and worth signing up for!
  • Sensory class
  • Swimming
  • Splash pad at King’s Cross Granary Square
Splash pad!

11:30-12:00PM – As he hasn’t had a snack, he will be quite hungry so I’ll give him his lunch, which is a rotation of rice and curry or soup with bread, followed by a For Aisha fruit pouch for dessert.

12:30PM – Head out to gather content for HGAT. I keep him entertained with toys, books, and if all else fails, I let him loose! If all the above still doesn’t work or if I am in a meeting, I turn to my last resort – YouTube. Dah dah dahhh.

2:00-2:30PM – Feed and naptime.

All that hard work and running around gets him hungry. As I can’t rely on the restaurant food being great, I tend to pack a savoury For Aisha sachet for him and it always comes in handy!

3:00PM –  As I’m on the go most days of the week, I find it easier to give Aadam the For Aisha savoury sachets as a snack, especially when I am in between restaurants in one afternoon. It avoids making a mess, packed with vegetables, and keeps him full until dinner. Whilst I do feed him what I’m eating sometimes, it tends to be unpredictable – I could be having dessert, sushi, or even eggs (the one thing he hates!).

Change of pants as his ended up getting soaked!

4:00-4:30PM – This is a maybe naptime as he either tends to skip it or sneakily squeezes in a quick snooze whilst we are on our way home.

5:00-6:00PM – Dinner time! Thankfully, Aadam is not a picky eater (yet?) and is happy to eat what Abbas and I will have for dinner later. This will usually be rice and curry with a protein (chicken/beef/lentils), pilau, pasta, or grilled fish. If I haven’t had a chance to get dinner ready, he’ll have fish fingers with peas or a jacket potato happily.

Depending on how much dinner he had, I’ll either keep it light for dessert by giving him a sliced apple or berries, or something heavier like the blueberry, banana, and vanilla sachet or the mango, coconut, and brown rice.

The pants have now gone

6:15-7:00PM – Having had a busy day, I like to take him upstairs to unwind. We’ll give him a nice warm bath and groom his crazy hair, and then Abbas will read him a book and feed him a big bottle of formula. Once he’s drowsy but awake, he’ll put Aadam in his crib, switch on a surah, and let him drift off to sleep (which doesn’t happen all the time but after a few minutes of crying, he’s out).

7:00PM -Party time for me ! Just kidding, we usually have dinner, clean up the hurricane remnants, and then get straight back onto our laptops until bedtime. Of course, Love Island will be running in the background.

Just a quick note, he tends to stick to his sleep schedule, give or take 30 minutes, but I don’t force his naps on him if he is not tired.

What are your baby routines like? Let me know in the comments below.

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