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Since I’ve moved out, Mum has been trying her hardest to teach me to make all my favourite home cooked meals, especially curries. My routine Wednesday home visits now comprise of at least a few hours of learning my way around the kitchen, but usually that means Mum cooks and I get to eat, as well as take yummy treats home for BW, for which I also take the credit. A couple of weeks ago, Mum and Dad decided to go on a whole three week holiday without me (apparently now that I am married there isnt an open invite anymore) and my Wednesday home visits without cooking school left me with a bit of a curry withdrawal dilemma. Fortunately I knew just the place to get my fix.

Walking into Original Lahore Kebab House, we were greeted by our delightful waiter who refused us to sit at the back in the warmth as those tables were booked. Mind you this was Sunday at 2pm and the restaurant was empty, so we were made to sit near the front next to the door with two babies – aw, great service already. Ah, there was nothing food couldn’t solve so we got ordering.


Mango Lassi Jug [x2]
Mango Lassi Jug [£7.50×2]

We decided on two huge jugs of frothy, sweet, and refreshing mango lassi with the anticipation of cooling us down after a spicy meal.


Mixed Grill - Seek Kebab [£______ x2], Lamb Tikka [£ ], Chicken Tikka [£], and Lamb Chops [£]
Mixed Grill – Seekh Kebab [£2.50×2], Lamb Tikka [£4.75 ], Chicken Tikka [£4.25], and Lamb Chops [£8.00]

Arriving all on one hot plate, the meat and chicken were sizzling away, releasing that delicious, smoky aroma. The lamb chops were thin and tender, with just the right amount of spices and char to make you want more. Both the lamb and chicken tikka were mouth-wateringly succulent, and the seekh kebabs were enjoyably spicy.

Tarka Dahl
Tarka Dahl [£6.50]

A creamy, rich, and comforting bowl of dahl that was simple yet delightful.

Sunday Special - Nihari [£]
Sunday Special – Nihari [£10.00]

A thick, dark curry that arrived with huge pieces of lamb shin, and had been topped with slices of ginger and lemon. Having been slow cooked, the meat just slipped off the bone leaving it clean, and released an intense meaty and fatty flavour into the curry; this was exactly the type of curry that would put you in a food coma. However, I found the nihari to have a slightly gloopy texture and was  surprisingly mild considering it is usually a spicy dish.

Butter Chicken
Butter Chicken [£8.00]

We opted for a very mild version of the butter chicken for the kids and it was nice to see that LHK managed to fulfil this request. The curry was sinfully buttery, full of flavour, and a little thick, but I somehow missed that familiar spiciness.

Naan, Garlic Naan, and Lacha Paratha 
Naan, Garlic Naan, and Lacha Paratha [£1.00 x2, £2.00, and £3.00]

Our outstanding waiter was quick to wipe the table clean before we could finish and slap us with a bill of £72.25, including drinks and service, so approximately £18 each. Perhaps a little more expensive that I had imagined it to be. In spite of this, and the terrible service, Lahore Kebab House really sealed the deal for me that day with their rich and heart-warming food; maybe I was missing Mum loads but it made me feel right at home.

Fun fact: LHK Edgware Road is a sister restaurant of the original LHK in Whitechapel! A life saver if you can’t make the journey East.


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