I’ve never been much of a coffee enthusiast nor have I ever dabbled into making my own masala chai at home; it was just never been of interest to me. Every morning, I would head to my local commercial coffee house (Dunkin, Mcdonalds, Starbucks etc) and opt for their most sugary coffee; it’s so bad, its good! And when it comes to chai, we all know that Mum is a pro at that! My coffee-loving friends hate me, but I was adamant in my ways, that is until I was introduced to Pamban, a chai and coffee house.


Pamban is a fairly new establishment based in Camden. They specialise in making their own house blend of masala chai at ridiculously affordable prices, as well as serving up fantastic coffees that even had me obsessed. It’s the perfect pick-me-up on your way to work and even doubles up as a great work space. I have now visited them every week for my cheeky chai fix and here’s what I think:


How pretty is this faluda! Finding faluda in Central London isn’t the easiest, but Pamban offer a fantastic version finished off with a dollop of kulfi and crushed pistachios.  

Their jaggery milkshake is OUT of this world. Jaggery is unrefined sugar that is sweeter than honey and  smooth like caramel, but with a rich molasses flavour, so imagine this blended with thick and creamy ice cream, to give you a Jaggery milkshake! It was incredibly moreish, but did become a little too sweet after a while. 

Red Coffee

Caffeine free coffee.

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Pamban take pride in making their own chai blends in-house and this isn’t just your typical masala chai. They also serve saffron karak (my absolute favourite!), rose, fudge, lavender, mint, and several more. You can opt for their taster platter which has three different chais. 

PambanIced Chai

Of course it would be ridiculous not to have any food related items on this post right? Well, their small snacks are good, but their lamprais are what you really should be coming for. Lamprais is a a typical Sri Lankan speciality made of an assortment of curries with rice, all wrapped in a banana leaf, and steamed. Pamban offer two halal options: the chicken and the mutton, as well as the vegetarian lamprais, and serve this alongside a mini lassi (either mango or coconut). These tend to be extremely popular so you may be disappointed if you get there later in the day.

PambanChicken Lamparais

I opted for the chicken lamprais (it was the only one left), and was pleasantly surprised by the aromatic flavours of each of the curries inside, especially the aubergine. The chicken for me was a little dry but it tasted really good alongside the other

Fancy your hand at making latte art? Or want a little taste of what Pamban is all about? Well, I have teamed up with the guys at Pamban to bring you guys a HGAT chai and coffee masterclass! Taking place on the 19th of October at 7pm, you will learn to secrets behind making a fantastic chai that’ll make Mum proud, as well as making your own latte art.

You can purchase your tickets below.

For more information, please click here.

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