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Pilau restaurant has always been on my radar since they first popped up in Fitzrovia. With the promises of creamy butter chicken wraps, mouth-meltingly soft lamb pilau, and frothy mango lassis, and with the bonus of being halal, I was not surprised reading all the rave reviews Pilau was receiving. Finally, I took the plunge and ditched my beach-body diet (wishful thinking lol) for the day, and took FAB along with me to Fitzrovia for lunch.

We had thankfully just missed the lunch rush, meaning there were zero queues. However, this also meant they were running very low and/or had completely sold out of options for the day! Well, we made do with what was left and got stuck in!

Pilau Naan Balls
Naan Balls with Fried Chicken Skin

Hot, mini naan balls filled with a garlicky butter, and dusted with crispy chicken skin. Personally, I would have liked more garlic butter to be oozing out, and the pizzaz from the chicken skin to really come through, to really make this side dish stand out.

Pilau Lamb and Bone Marrow
Large Lamb with Bone Marrow Pilau [£6.00]

A humongous box filled to the brim with rice, and juicy chunks of lamb with blobs of gelatinous bone marrow. I finished this mammoth box off with fresh chillies, PILAU slaw, pickled ginger, and lettuce , and a drizzle of mango chutney.

Pilau Soho

Upon biting in, the lamb was deliciously tender and soft, with the bone marrow adding in an element of richness to the aromatic curry. The sweet mango and apricot chutney cut through the sharp, yet delectable, condiments nicely, balancing out the flavours of this pilau perfectly. This pilau was not just good, but really, really good!

Paneer Pilau Wrap
Paneer Wrap [£5.00]

FAB went for their Paneer Pilau wrap; a gigantic Indian burrito filled with paneer and rice! Although the paneer and pea curry lacked the spice that the lamb had, the slaw and the sweet chutney helped to really bring the flavours through.

Pilau Soho Brownies
Salted Caramel Brownies – omg!

Considering that one meal, drinks and side included, came in at under £10, I would say that Pilau is ideal for lunch. The food really hit that Indian craving, and although the portion size is substantial, Pilau do not compromise on the taste and quality. Don’t worry about your breath though, they’ll throw in a free mint too!

For the restaurant website, click here.

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