Popcorn Chicken + Sweet Potato Fries £6 Good Friend Chicken

Popcorn Chicken + Sweet Potato Fries | Good Friend Chicken | £6

I first found Good Friend Chicken 3 years ago and have been a regular ever since (it even featured as one of my best halal fried chicken in London!). Sure, it isn’t good for the thunder thighs but the food at Good Friend Chicken is quick, tasty, and cheap!

There is a huge variety of choice when you come here. You can opt for the classic Taiwanese Popcorn Chicken + Sweet Potato Fries for a measly £6.00 (it is a generous portion) or you can go for the humongous chicken breast (£6) or even the big cheesy volcanic chicken filled with lots of cheese (£7)! Don’t forget the seasoning – plum, tomato, and chilli is a dream combo.

P.S. You can follow the instagram page (@halalcheapeats) to get update straight to your phone! 

Halal Status | All meat is halal. No pork or alcohol here.

Full Review | Good Friend Chicken

Website | www.chinatown.co.uk/en/restaurant/good-friend/

Address | 14 Little Newport St, London WC2H 7JJ


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