Spa Review: The Claridges Spa

As someone who is always on their phone/laptop, my neck and shoulders are riddled with knots. Add in a baby to the equation and a major lack of sleep, and hey presto, I’m the cranky hunch back of notre dame. Now, im not sure whether it was for my own good or the sake of his sanity, but BW, so kindly, booked me in for a 90 minute Swedish massage at the Claridges spa. 90 whole minutes? Dream. Come. True. Thanks BW 🙂 that’s exactly what I needed!

Claridges Spa

The Claridges spa is quite limited; around three treatment rooms with a gym, but the service and the decor are all very elegant. The changing rooms are teeny too, but are kept in line with the 1920-esque decor of the hotel and are filled with all the essentials.

Once I filled in the consent form, changed into my big fluffy robe, and put on the pillowy soft slippers; I was ready for this massage treatment! The therapist introduced herself and led me into the treatment room, which was cosy and dark, and equipped with a warm massage bed. How exciting!

Claridges Spa

The Claridges Spa Massage

As someone who always goes for a deep tissue massage, I’ve forgotten just how good a Swedish massage is. The soft, gentle strokes left me feeling so relaxed, I ended up dozing off and had to be woken up by the therapist. All the aches and pains I went into that room with disappeared and I instantly felt better, mentally and physically.

Sadly, the 90 minutes were up and I was taken to the relaxation room, where I was given an option of teas and a quick nibble on the dried fruits and nuts. I have to admit I did take my time here, knowing that I would shortly be heading back home to resume the fun and games that had become my new routine.

Claridges Spa

The cost of the 90 minute Swedish massage (with a £10 tip) came to £180; perfect for a birthday/anniversary/post-baby gift. Given the price of the treatment, I would have liked the spa at Claridges to have the usual amenities – sauna, steam room, a proper relaxation room – hence you’re paying more for the name, but goodness, the massage was one of the best I’ve had.

For The Claridges Spa website, click here.

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