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The Ojos Foods is an award-winning, family-run business that has been in operation for over 30 years. So, to say they know a thing or two about what makes good charcuterie meat is an understatement. We’ve also worked with them on several projects before on HGAT and have tried almost every halal product they sell. It only made sense to share with you all the reason why The Ojos Foods is so special to us. 

We first came across the lovely Encina selling her halal products at the halal food festival a few years ago and after one bite, we have never been able to look at halal cured meats the same again. The quality is reflected in the numerous awards they have won for almost all of their halal products. 

Why we like them

What we love about the halal products that The Ojos Foods supply is that they are all of extremely high quality. There is clearly a vast superiority when it comes to, let’s say, their beef salami and the halal beef salami you find in your supermarket’s halal section. These products have been hand chosen from artisan Spanish curators who use the best of the best ingredients to ensure a good quality, delicious product. Many of these suppliers are using family recipes and methods that have been handed down from many generations ago. 

What they sell

You can find the following products:

  • Award winning beef salami/salchicon. Available in 100g, 200g, or 1kg. 
  • Beef chorizo. Available in 100g, 200g, or 1kg.
  • Award winning cured beef (el abueto margeto). This award winning product has been cured for over 12-18 months and all the ingredients that go into this are salt, natural smoke, and the hunk of beef itself. The taste of this is phenomenal. You can even go for an entire leg of this if you really want to turn heads. 
  • Halal beef bacon rashers

It’s not all halal meat though, they also offer halal wines, which pair nicely with the meats, and other produce like sardines, olives, olive oil, spices, crackers and more. For the full list of products that they sell, head to 

Here are a few things you can make with the Ojos food’ halal range:

  • Beef Salami, Honey, and Chilli pizza – we tried our hands in making pizzas using the halal beef salami, chillies, and plenty of cheese. Finished off with a drizzle of honey and the pizzas are to die for.
  • Pizza Bombs with Beef Salami – this dish is a real crowd pleaser. It’s a meaty, cheesy, and garlicky euphoria that the kids will love pulling apart. Just don’t forget the garlic buttery glaze before and after baking – phew. 

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  • Burrata with Cured Beef and Basil – there is a reason that The Ojos Food’s cured beef has won awards. It is incredibly mouth melting, soft, and deliciously rich. Pair it with a good hunk of burrata, olive oil, and a handful of basil leaves and you’re good to.
  • Turkish Pide – during Ramadan, we decided to treat our waistlines to Turkish pide topped with the cured beef from The Ojos Foods. It went down a delight.

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  • Halal Charcuterie Board – a charcuterie board is a fantastic idea for when you are entertaining people at home. All you’ll need are a few cured meats, cheeses, jams, honey, and plenty of crackers to pile it all up on.
  • Halal Gift Hamper – is your other half or best friend a food connoisseur and only wants to eat the creme de la creme in life? Why not treat him/her to a homemade gift hamper using products from The Ojos Foods’ range like the non-alcoholic champagne, olives, meats, and more. 


Their pricing is extremely reasonable given the quality of the produce. You can expect to pay £6.50 for a pack of their cured beef and £4.50 for 200g of the beef salchicon/salami as an example. For a good idea of their pricing, head to their website for the full list. 


Expect a next day delivery when you order from them before 1pm on Monday-Thursdays. Shipping is free for orders over £75; just enter FREESHIPPING75 upon checkout. 


The Ojos Foods is a fantastic Spanish artisan produce supplier who have an entire section dedicated to halal products like cured beef, salami, chorizo, halal wines, and more. Just make sure you choose the halal products only as they sell non-halal items on the website too. We have not been sponsored to write this post. We just really, really like their products and as they are a small business, we want to see them thrive during this particularly difficult time. 



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