Romantic Halal Restaurants in London

by HGAT | 20/09/2019
Romantic halal restaurants in London

Here is a list of romantic halal restaurants in London that are ideal for any anniversary, be it 1st or 50th, a proposal, or even a first halal date! Each one of these establishments have romance written all over it and will definitely set the mood (and for later too 😉 ). So grab a cuppa and get reading.

I’ll be updating this list over time so keep checking back in!

Disclaimer: Do be sure to double check the halal status of all the restaurants below as the suppliers may change since this article has been published. Have not received confirmation from each of these restaurants with regards to halal meat being cooked and prepared separately, but please check for yourselves when booking/visiting. 


Romantic halal restaurants in London
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From the beautiful array of cars lined up outside to the immaculate floral display in every corner of the room, The Dorchester hotel ticks the boxes for everyone. The Alain Ducasse restaurant at The Dorchester follows suits in being just as stunning as it’s home and with a michelin-starred winning menu, you know the food will be good. Go the extra mile and book the Table Lumiere – a private table surrounded by 4500 shiny fibre optics dripping down from the ceiling to the floor. 

Address: The Dorchester Hotel, 53 Park Lane, Mayfair, London W1K 1QA | Cuisine: French | Halal status: Beef fillet is halal. Pork and alcohol present. 


Credit: Time Out


Momo in Mayfair has always had a date-night feel to it with the dim and cosy environment, but having just gone under a refurbishment, the restaurant is more romantic than ever! Low-level lighting, plush seating, each corner of the restaurant oozes glamour.  Tuck into one of the tantalising tagines, like the lamb, prunes, and poached pears, or go for one of the grills.

Address: 25 Heddon Street, London, W1B 4BH  | Cuisine: Moroccan | Halal Status: All meats, except the game, is halal. No pork but alcohol present. 


Romantic Halal Restaurants in London
Credit: Visit London


With it’s rich and glitzy black, gold, and dark wood interior, Seven Park Place is surprisingly a hidden gem amongst some of romantic halal restaurants in London. It also happens to be one of the smallest Michelin-starred restaurants meaning you can gaze into your partner’s eyes without bumping elbows with the next table! Some menu highlights include the butter poached lobster tail as well as the lamb loin.

Address: 7-8 Park Pl, St. James’s, London SW1A 1LS  | Cuisine: European | Halal Status: Halal chicken and lamb can be preordered 72 hours in advance.



With the cosy red velvet banquettes and plates arranged so that you’re sitting on the same side of the table, you’re bound to get close and intimate when having dinner at Park Chinois. Add in the evening pianist and great food to the mix and you’ve nailed the perfect date.

Address: 17 Berkeley St, Mayfair, London W1J 8EA | Cuisine: Asian | Halal Status: Select beef and chicken dishes are halal. Duck needs to be preordered. Pork and alcohol is served.  



As you walk into the Landmark hotel, you’re greeted with a large open atrium boasting lush palm trees, a pianist, and the highest ceilings. Even having a quick hot chocolate in the lobby is more romantic than most restaurants! The Winter Garden restaurant is located right in the middle of the atrium and becomes spectacular come evening time.

Address: The Landmark Hotel, 222 Marylebone Road London NW1 6JQ | Cuisine: European | Halal Status: Halal meat can be requested 48 hours in advance. Pork and alcohol is served. 



Clos Maggiore perhaps steals the title of being the most romantic restaurant in London and we’re not kidding, just have a look yourself. Blossoming flowers adorn every corner and inch of the ceiling, overhanging the tables; it really is a beautiful dining room. But be sure to book well in advance as any free table at Clos Maggiore is snagged quick! 

Address: 33 King St, Covent Garden, London WC2E 8JD | Cuisine: Asian | Halal Status: Chicken can be prordered when booking. Pork and alcohol served.



Pull out all the stops for your special occasion and treat the missus to a beautiful meal at one of London’s iconic restaurants. This is the cream of the crop; tables placed in such a way that you have your own space but are all facing the middle, a live pianist or organ player, and incredibly attentive staff who are dressed to the nines. The Ritz restaurant is definitely worth the splurge and one I cannot recommend enough!

Address: 150 Piccadilly, St. James’s, London W1J 9BR | Cuisine: British, European | Halal Status: Halal meat can be preordered 48 hours in advance. Pork and alcohol served.



As soon as you mention the Shard, you know you’ve won over your date – it really is one of the most romantic halal restaurants in London. The view is simply breathtaking; opt for dinner where you can watch London glow up or, after staying a night in one of their beautiful and smart rooms, have breakfast as the sun rises. 

Address: 32 London Bridge St, London, SE1 9SG | Cuisine: Asian | Halal Status: Halal chicken and lamb must be preordered 24 hours in advance. Pork and alcohol served.


Credit: Coya


Sometimes (or maybe all the time!), a quiet, intimate meal with your other half just isn’t what you fancy. If you’re both into vibrant and fun restaurants, then look no further than Coya. Whilst they may not offer many halal options, their fish dishes are the real deal here such as the mini sashimi tacos and the seabass with risotto (it would be a crime NOT to order this!). Just be sure to dress to impress. 

Address: 118 Piccadilly, Mayfair, London W1J 7NW | Cuisine: Japanese Peruvian | Halal Status: Wagyu beef is halal. Pork and alcohol served. 


Credit: Gardenista


Have an anniversary that falls in the summer months and looking for an al fresco option? Dinner at River Cafe is the date you’re looking for. Based in Hammersmith, this Michelin-starred restaurant has been an iconic establishment in the restaurant world for a long time and with tables overlooking the Thames, it really is perfect for the warmer months. 

Address: Thames Wharf, Rainville Rd, Hammersmith, London W6 9HA | Cuisine: Italian | Halal Status: Halal meat can be preordered when booking. Pork and alcohol served. 


Credit: Independent


They say home is where the heart is and although a home cooked gourmet meal by candlelight can be romantic, sometimes you just don’t fancy cooking. This is where Kutir comes in. Kutir is based in a classic Chelsea townhouse and any meal there feels like you’re eating at home, well a very, very nice home. The seating is limited making the atmosphere even more intimate and cosy; just don’t show up in your jammies!

Address: 10 Lincoln St, Chelsea, London SW3 2TS | Cuisine: Indian | Halal Status: All meats are halal except the game. No pork but alcohol is served


Romantic Halal Restaurants in
Credit: Amaya


Dark, sleek, and most definitely charming is what Amaya is in a nutshell. This Michelin-starred restaurant skips the poppadoms and vindaloos, and heads straight for the tantalising grills, like their juicy smoked chilli lamb chops and juicy tandoori prawns. Just be aware, they frown upon photo taking so save the selfies for outside!

Address: Amaya, Halkin Arcade (Entrance via Lowndes St), Belgravia, London SW1X 8JT | Cuisine: Indian | Halal Status: Select chicken and lamb dishes are halal. No pork but alcohol present.


Credit: Pinterest


There is no doubt that Hide is one of the hottest restaurants this year but Hide Above (the top level of the restaurant) is where the romance happens. The menu at Hide Above only serve a tasting menu but do not let that deter you. There is something really special about tasting menus; you both sit there for a two or more hours enjoying spectacular food and each other’s company, letting any everyday stresses melt away!

Address: 85 Piccadilly, Mayfair, London W1J 7NB | Cuisine: British | Halal Status: Halal meat can be preordered 72 hours in advance. Pork and alcohol served. 


Romantic Halal Restaurants in London
Credit: Luxurious Magazine


Galvin at Windows probably wins the title of having the most number of proposals in their restaurant. The view really just sets the scene; just the two of you gazing out on to the London skyline whilst eating some of the best food you can have in London. Be sure to book a table when the sun sets so you can really make the meal magical. 

Address: London Hilton Hotel, 22 Park Lane, W1K 1BE | Cuisine: French | Halal status: Halal chicken can be preordered ONE WEEK in advance. Pork and alcohol present.


Credit: Time Out


Perhaps its that scene from Lady and the Tramp, but there is something romantic about indulgent and rich Italian food. Not Ask or Prezzo-style, we’re talking about in Margot fashion. Margot is a fantastic Italian restaurant based in Covent Garden, making it the perfect option pre or post theatre! Be sure to get the poached egg with asparagus and parmesan foam and the spring chicken al Mattone.

Address: 45 Great Queen St, Covent Garden, London WC2B 5AA | Cuisine: Italian | Halal status: Chicken al Mattone is always halal. Can preorder beef sirloin, ribeye, or fillet 48 hours in advance. Pork and alcohol served. 


Those are just a handful of romantic halal restaurants in London but be sure to bookmark this page as the list will keep on growing! If you have any recommendations, leave a comment below! 

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