Scarabeo Camp

After a few days in the vibrant and chaotic Marrakech, we headed to Scarabeo camp, a rustic and luxury desert campsite – yes, glamping in the desert actually exists! Located just 45 minutes away from the city and with fantastic views of the Atlas Mountains, this was an ideal way to finish of our short trip before heading back home.

Welcome to Scarabeo!

There is zero electricity and wifi (I was dying!), and goodness, even the washroom is rustic, but it all adds to the Scarabeo charm. The staff are stealthy – laying out breakfast and making your tent up without you even seeing them – but are incredibly helpful and kind,

What to do

Scarabeo Camp
Scarabeo Camp

Scarabeo camp is the type of place you escape to and do absolutely nothing but relax. There are numerous books, lounging chairs and board games to pass time, but when its scorching hot and you start to melt sitting in one place, they have an array of activities available, from camel-riding to stargazing to keep guests busy.

Quad biKING Scarabeo
Quad Biking

Our 2-hour quad-biking adventure saw us zipping over the hills and through numerous valleys, and although I shotgunned the drivers seat, BW decided to nudge me over after the fifth time of me almost flipping the bike over – oops!

Scarabeo Camp Furnishing

We arrived back at the camp, tanned and covered head to toe in dust, when I realised my favourite pair of sunglasses had flown off during my fast and furious-esque quad-biking session. This was obviously traumatic and thankfully, Scarabeo organised a traditional massage for us shortly after – it was exactly what I needed!

Scarabeo Night

After dinner on both nights, we would sit by the fire and gaze at the stars, whilst taking in our surroundings. I really have not seen such a crystal clear night sky like this before.

What to Eat

Moroccan bREAKFAST
Scarabeo Moroccan Breakfast

The staff lay out breakfast, a simple yet yummy affair, each morning in the communal area for each group. Consisting of eggs, freshly baked bread, yoghurt, and an assortment of dipping condiments, this was enough to keep us going until dinner time. They also offer a light lunch of chicken skewers and various small dishes in case you get peckish.

Dinner, on the other hand, is a more formal and private meal. The entire dining tent is lighted by simple wax candles, and each couple are appointed their own little corner; this is romance at it’s finest. 

Cheesy Veg Pastille

We started the meal of with a cheesy vegetable pastilla.

Beef Tagine with Apricots and Prunes
Beef Tagine with Apricots and Prunes

The beef, apricot, and prune tagine was one of the best dishes I have eaten this year. It arrived piping hot and bubbling away in a large clay pot, alongside a few side dishes to accompany it. The beef pieces were delicious and mouth-meltingly soft, and the sweetness from the apricots and prunes helped to balance out the aromatic flavours.

Vegetable Tagine
Vegetable Tagine

Both the chicken and vegetable tagines, although not as sensational as the beef, were still fantastic and moreish.

Dessert in the Desert

Dessert was a hot cup of mint tea and a slice of sweet banoffee or simple chocolate cream pie.


Scarabeo camp and the surroundings were fantastic, as were the staff who were discreet yet kind. However, I would advise not to visit the camp during the summer months as the weather becomes unbearably hot; our tent was insufferable come early morning!

Scarabeo Camp

After a short two day stint at the camp, it was time for us to catch a flight back home. Scarabeo camp was exactly what we were looking for, a complete life and work detox. And although I left BW’s work phone data on all night by mistake, leaving him with a fat £700 phone bill, I’m really grateful that he brought me here and can’t thank him enough for finallllly taking me to Marrakech – love you!

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