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Spinach and Cheese Gozleme | Gozleme House | £2.50

I absolutely love hole in the walls, especially ones that churn out buttery flatbreads stuffed with goodies i.e. gozlemes. You’ll spot Golzeme House by the women sitting by the window, working their magic on the gozlemes;  kneading away at the dough, stuffing them to the brim, and then slapping it onto the pan to fry. These hot parcels are great for lunch, tea, breakfast, dinner, dessert; in other words, any time of the day. 

The prices are incredibly cheap here, ranging from £2 to a maximum of £4 per gozleme, so two, three, four and even gozlemes are possible! Mind you, they are humongous and very filling. I opted for the spinach and cheese gozleme for £2.50 and was not disappointed by the creamy and salty feta and sauteed spinach combination. 

P.S. You can follow the instagram page (@halalcheapeats) to get update straight to your phone! 

Halal Status | All meat is halal. No pork or alcohol. 

Website | Tripadvisor

Phone Number | 020 8802 5585

Address | 24 Green Lanes, Harringay, London N4 1LG, UK

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