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It has certainly been a minute since I’ve had a good halal steak in London. Either the steaks are extremely expensive, e.g. one of my favourite steaks in London costs a whopping £92 so let’s take that out of the equation when thinking about a casual Friday night date, or just aren’t great quality. There is the in between, like Zelman Meats, but eating in a fancy department store sometimes doesn’t tick all the boxes. This is where Steak on the Green comes in.

Steak on the Green is a fairly new addition to the halal world and whilst they aren’t a halal steakhouse as such, they have a whole halal menu with separate utensils, cooking area, and storage too (just like Meat Co.). 

I was invited down to check out their halal menu and seeing as I couldn’t find a date, just took Aadam along for a casual steak lunch! As I was on my own, I decided to skip starts and go straight for the steak!

The Food at Steak on the Green

USDA Steak [£32.50]
Whilst the other steaks on the menu were appealing, I was here for one steak only: the USDA Prime steak. This particular steak stands out for having a superior grading amongst other USDA steaks and has the best tenderness, fat, and flavouring. Basically, my kinda steak.

The 350g New York Strip Steak was shockingly affordable, coming in at a solid £32.50, and boy was it big. The steak had an intense beefy flavour that was amplified by the fat surrounding the steak, which melted into every bite. And that lovely steak crust that we all desire was most definitely there. 

Steak on the green
Mac and Cheese [£4.00]
Creamy macaroni topped with a blanket of melted gooey cheese. 

French Fries [£3.50]

Thin cut french fries that could have done with some more time in the fryer to become extra crispy.

Steak on the green
Sticky Toffee Pudding [£6.00]
Although I was dying and my pants were requesting me to stop eating, I couldn’t not have dessert! A good ol’ sticky toffee pudding always does the trick and Steak on the Green’s did not disappoint. 

The total bill for one came to £46, excluding drinks and service. Whilst that may seem expensive, I would have shared my sides and dessert had I come with someone else – well, sharing the dessert is debatable! This would make the bill equivalent or less than what one would expect to pay at one of the more popular halal steakhouses such as Meat and Co. 

I was pleasantly surprised with my meal at Steak on the Green. Not only was the steak fantastic, it was great value for money and made a change to some of the more expensive halal steakhouses out there. Although I am still full up from my meal there last, I am anticipating my next return there with the family!

P.S. they also do a halal Sunday roast lunch for a shocking £15 so be sure to check it out if you’re in the area. 

P.S.S. they also have a sister restaurant in Hatch End called The Steak Restaurant, great for if you live in the area!

For Steak on the Green’s website, click here.

For other steak restaurants, see below

I made a short YouTube video of my visit there, you can watch it below 🙂



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