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Remember my post from yesterday where I was talking about BW and I wanting to change our unhealthy diet around and cut down meat to once week? Wellllll, I’m embarrassed to say that we may have walked out of Mangal 1 after a hearty meat-filled dinner, and headed straight over to Super Kebab literally five minutes later. Of course, there is something very wrong with the previous sentence. No, not my grammar (probably), but I have never in the last four years of HGAT reviewed a takeaway kebab shop. 

In my defence, I was unsatisfied after my meal at the well-loved and highly-praised Mangal 1, and wanted something good to end our evening, so it only made sense to go the place which has been awarded as being the best kebab takeaway in London. 

Best Kebab Award
Best Kebab Award

The place was fairly busy for 10pm on a Tuesday night, and as we waited to order, I watched in awe as a robotic arm was slicing both the lamb and chicken donner to order, to ensure a good, clean cut. Finally, our turn came and we opted for two large chicken and lamb donners and a portion of chips [£2.50].

Robotic Arm
Robotic Arm
chicken Donner
Chicken Donner [£6]

The chicken donner was a little greasy for me, and needed some of the freshly-made chilli and garlic sauce.

Lamb Donner [£7.50]
Lamb Donner [£6]

The lamb, on the other hand, was superb.  Made using lamb shoulder, the donner was fresh and so well-flavoured that we didn’t even use any of the available sauces, and instead ate the lamb with the crisp, tangy salad.


After eating here, one can see why Super Kebab were given an award for their food, and have numerous 5* reviews plastered all over their walls. Not only is the quality of their donner meat fantastic and comes from actual cuts of meat, their salads, sauces and all other ingredients are made fresh in-house everyday too.

Check out their freezing cold fridge where they store their humongous cylinders of packed meat, ready to go on the rotisserie.

Freezing cold fridge!
Freezing cold fridge!

The total bill amounted to a tiny £15 for two, so £7.5 each, including drinks; what you would expect anyways from a takeaway. All meated-out for an entire month, we decided to skip dessert, and call it a day. Would I say its the best takeaway kebab I’ve had? Yes, for sure, but I have heard a little something about Best Kebab (Super’s most fierce competitor) just across the road so stay tuned for when I’m back in Stokey.

    • Mal
    • 01/12/2016

    The doner meat looks like blocks of fat and probably are. Real doner meat does not look like that, it is layered meat stacked on top of each other certainly not like shown in your photos.The best kebab shops are in the Haringey, Green Lanes area of London. I’m sure there are many in other areas as well.
    I used to go to Gokyzu 26 Grand Parade N4 1LG it has recently been refurbished and might be under new management so I don’t know what’s it’s like now but it was very busy before and the service/food was fresh, reasonably price and tasty. This is one of several places you could find a real diner of good quality and you would know the difference in look and taste.

    1. There’s a succinct difference between Doner and the Sharwarma that you have most eloquently described!
      I agree Gokyzu is a fantastic eatery. Although its a restaurant and Super Kebab is undoubtedly a takeaway.

    2. Reply

      you sir, are talking out of your arse

    • Justyna
    • 15/12/2016

    I love e.mono kebab in kentish town. my number 1 in uk

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