Roti Chai

Since 200 years ago, Indian food has become a predominant feature in British culture especially curries. Because of this, it is hard to find a town without an Indian restaurant/take out on the high street. In London, we have a dedicated strip of curry houses known as Brick Lane but this is also joined by […]

Satay House

Neighbourhood haunts; we all have one and we all, for some reason, love to flaunt it to visiting friends or family. We insist on our guests trying the place – “It’s the best food around!” – and subjecting the poor visitors to the greasy kebab joint or the mediocre curry house. These guests then don’t […]

Halal Food Festival Follow Up!

Running over three days, Imran Kauser and Noman Khawaja managed to pull off London’s first Halal Food Festival! I was invited to the press conference and ribbon cutting to mark the first of many halal food festivals to come; with all smiles, they chopped the ribbon and we all cheered!

The Meat Co Competition – CLOSED

*This competition is now closed – thanks for all your entries* I have some exciting news for all you awesome readers! Remember my previous post on The Meat Co? Well, they have kindly given me a £200 voucher to give away to not one, not two but three lucky winners!

The Meat Co II

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to dine at The Meat Co. Formerly known as the Meat & Wine Co., you all know that I have been to eat here numerous times.  This is time I learnt a little more about the company and was able to meet with the manager.


Everyone has one of those lists of classic fail-safe restaurants that is turned to when in need. Mine seems to be exceptionally long and I tend to have moments where I will visit the same restaurant more than five times in a month; I can’t help it – once my trust has been earned, I’m the number one fan. […]

Novikov – Asian

Being the eldest or the youngest child has its perks: You are the most loved in the household, you get away with everything and anything, and everyone listens to you and what you want is what you get. However, there is always a downside and I’m afraid to say that being the youngest means being […]


For a while, I’ve been craving dim sum – halal dim sum to be exact. I did not know this existed as I’ve always had to eat the fish or vegetarian dim sum and to be honest, knowing it can come in so many more varieties just made the meal less satisfying in non-halal Chinese […]

Bone Daddies

**The fried chicken items are cooked in the same oil as non-halal items so please avoid the fried items** I have a feeling this post may cause some sort of controversy as to how you fellow readers approach my blog and any future posts I publish. Usually, my food reviews are of restaurants that consist […]

Feng Shang Princess

In the past few months I’ve dragged my family back and forth all across London in order to deliver some new and fresh material for this blog, so nowadays when it comes to special occasions like birthdays, it’s a bit difficult to find a novel place to celebrate at with the whole clan.  For this […]