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Nirvana Kitchen -8847

Nirvana Kitchen

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When it comes to HGAT, BW is my biggest fan, CEO/CFO/Editor, basically, 95% of my workforce, and Sugar Daddy. As great as he is, he drives me absolutely nuts. Ever […]

The Landmark Afternoon tea

Afternoon Tea at The Landmark Hotel

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As much as I love breakfast, brunch, lunch, elevenses, and dinner, nothing can beat a good spot of traditional Afternoon Tea. Piling warm scones up high with thick clotted cream […]



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When Yosma first opened, it was the hottest Turkish restaurant in town. Everyone seemed to have pushed aside the classic ocakbasis of Stokey, and were instead heading to Baker Street […]



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As you all know, there are always one hundred and one things to take care of before you go away on holiday. For me, as the days have gone by, […]


Black Roe

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Around five years ago, Dad had taken Mum, Z, and I, on a lovely two week family trip to Hawaii. It was one of the best holidays I had been […]



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Every once in a while, we all go through a rough patch. Nothing seems to be going right, and you just can’t catch a break. It happens to the best […]


Gaylord Restaurant

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When it comes to food, BW’s biggest complaint against me is my terrible decision-making. Apparently, this happens to be a weekly occurrence when we go for dinner and although this has […]



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Having surpassed 1.5 years of marriage (someone forgot the flowers *cough*), I began to feel horribly old. Where had the time gone? I swear it was just yesterday that I […]


Chi Kitchen

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When it comes to holidays or short breaks, BW and I are really, REALLY last minute. I’m talking about booking a weekend trip on the Thursday before we go kind […]


Mahdi Restaurant

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You know when you try and be super careful with something and then you end up messing it all up because you were over careful? Ugh I had one of […]

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