Siirgista Bros

A couple of months ago, a handful of us halal food bloggers were invited to a burger restaurant for a free meal in return for a review. BW and I were given plenty of dishes to taste, had a chat with the owner, and left the establishment feeling that the food was decent but not […]


Last week, BW came home from work having had a really rough day, and being the amazing wife that I am, decided to plan our evening to cheer him up! However, all my suggestions (Netflix and chill, pizza making classes, wii-tennis marathons etc.) were all shot down, without even giving it a second thought – […]

Imli Street

Unfortunately, I have no story for you lovely readers today except that I was really in the mood for Indian food. I guess all the chaat, butter chicken, and samosas I had eaten at every wedding this summer did not cut it for me and I just wanted moar! So off to Imli Street we […]

L’oud Des Eurasie

THIS RESTAURANT IS NOW CLOSED !!!     Want to know something about BW? He’s a self-confessed workaholic, and he loves it. His daily work schedule starts at 7am on the dot allllll the way until 9 pm where he’ll finally move his nerdy eyes away from his laptop, and on to his little blackberry. […]

Aqua Kyoto

As you all know, I absolutely love birthdays. I will, without a doubt, celebrate mine for a week and if I could, I would turn it into a month (but unfortunately no one was too keen on dealing with my birthday divaness for an entire 30 days). Anyways, it just so happens BW is the […]

Le Chinois’ Afternoon Tea

Last Sunday I was kindly invited, by Joe Blogs, to the Millennium hotel in Knightsbridge for some afternoon tea at their in-house restaurant, Le Chinois. But this was afternoon tea with a twist, well an oriental twist to be precise – it was Chinese afternoon tea! A very different yet tasty concept that has arrived […]