Chai Ki

BW is the type of guy who is organised, or borderline OCD should I say. Me, on the other hand, I am incredibly unorganised, a total messpot, and I can’t sit still. I guess over our marriage, BW has become a little lax (staying up past 11 to watch Suits, and not without a fuss) […]

Brioche Burger

A few weeks ago, I was invited over to Brioche Burger allllllll the way in Green Street. If you guys remembered, a couple of posts ago, I mentioned that I would cover that huge gaping hole on the East side of my HGAT map, and after my 1.5 hour journey to Brioche Burger, I now […]

Bake Street

When looking at my restaurant hit map, I noticed a big gaping hole with no restaurant reviews right bang in East London. Oopsy, but its just soooo far away. But then I came across Bake Street, and a) it was a cool brunch concept with a tasty looking menu, and b) it was kind of […]


You ever had one of those days at work where you look at your lunchbox and sigh? I think I’ve been like this every day since primary school. I would look at the other kid’s lunchboxes in envy; nutella in crusty bread, choc dips, pizza! I would look down at my own and see a […]

Ceru II

In the two weeks running up to Ramadhan, I suddenly became a busy bee. Running around from restaurant to restaurant with my trusty camera in hand, plus agreeing to meals with friends or relatives; I was all over the place. Within a day and a half, I had to fit in a review of Farm […]


For a food blogger, coming across cool, new restaurants is an easy task. The hard part is just choosing the best out of the bunch to blog about. Now for a halal food blogger its a little different, there simply isn’t a huge amount to choose and even less so if you are looking beyond […]

Loaded Burgers

As most of you know, I got engaged a couple of months back and have, unfortunately, been on a so-called “wedding diet”. This “diet” means I have to eat healthy and exercise as much as possible – possibly the two worst things! Anyways, I’ve been pretty good in the last two weeks, so good that […]


After a fun-filled visit to the United States of America recently, it slowly and sadly hit me that the Americans had a massive head-start in foods compared to the the UK. From their numerous breakfast diners serving delicious red velvet pancake stacks to the real nachos drenched in liquid cheese you get at the cinemas, […]


Occasionally, I get in the mood to get a major sugar high or cause a few holes in my teeth, and what better way to satisfy this sweet craving than to pay a visit to a dessert parlour. Not wanting my thighs to experience gluco-heaven alone, I managed to drag JA along with me as […]

Taste of India

You guys remember my friend JP right? Well, for those new readers, she’s just one best friend who is also a vegetarian. As you can tell this already puts a strain on our relationship, but getting to the point of the story, it was her birthday a couple of weeks back and she decided that […]