Having surpassed 1.5 years of marriage (someone forgot the flowers *cough*), I began to feel horribly old. Where had the time gone? I swear it was just yesterday that I started secondary school with my massive middle parting and bushy eyebrows, and now here i am, plus two grey hairs already – crazy! Unfortunately, BW […]

Mahdi Restaurant

You know when you try and be super careful with something and then you end up messing it all up because you were over careful? Ugh I had one of those recently! You see, I’ve written off one car, driven into my parents PARKED car about five times, had my fair share of speeding tickets, […]


Last week, BW came home from work having had a really rough day, and being the amazing wife that I am, decided to plan our evening to cheer him up! However, all my suggestions (Netflix and chill, pizza making classes, wii-tennis marathons etc.) were all shot down, without even giving it a second thought – […]


You ever had one of those days at work where you look at your lunchbox and sigh? I think I’ve been like this every day since primary school. I would look at the other kid’s lunchboxes in envy; nutella in crusty bread, choc dips, pizza! I would look down at my own and see a […]


You know when you’ve had one of those weeks where everything just becomes a little too much? Yeah, I just had one of them. My list of things to do was impossibly long and never seemed to get any smaller as the week went on! Come Thursday, I was feeling restless and wanted some chill […]


Having been married for almost 7 months now, I’m sad to say that BW and I have fallen into the fat-and-happily-married rut (oh yeah, it exists so beware all you engaged couples!). It was a gradual process that none of us had noticed until last week, when BW stepped on the scales and had a […]

Ariana II

So, while I have my list of places to check out, it has been a while since I have come across a halal restaurant that has really caught my eye and got me all excited to go out and blog about. On top of all the 500 new burger places, we have the usual Chinese, […]


It can be very difficult to come across a Pan-Asian restaurant in London that is able to successfully pull all the Asian cuisines together on one menu. In theory, it sounds amazing to be able to have delicious sushi rolls whilst eating some crispy peking duck all in one meal, however it doesn’t always work. […]


You know how you get one of those small restaurants on a side street that you tend to drive past, think it looks interesting and then completely forget about its existence? So Colbeh is one of them. On a road just off Connaught Street, you would instantly forget about it – well that’s what I […]


After a fun-filled visit to the United States of America recently, it slowly and sadly hit me that the Americans had a massive head-start in foods compared to the the UK. From their numerous breakfast diners serving delicious red velvet pancake stacks to the real nachos drenched in liquid cheese you get at the cinemas, […]