HGAT Guide to Amsterdam

Want to know how to win a way into my heart? Presents. Not giving them, obviously, but receiving them. Ripping open the wrapping paper to reveal the gift of your dreams is what I would wait for for 364 days every year until my birthday came along. Now that I’m married, it seems that I’m […]

Sambal Shiok Pop-up

Although I like trying out new things, I’m the kind of person who will find something they like and fixate on it until they get bored of it. Examples being playing the same two songs for three weeks running, doing the same workout for an entire 30 days, or even watching the same movie a […]


During the working week, I’ve come to discover that lunchtime is my weak spot, especially when I’ve run out the house with a banana and a coffee for breakfast. I become this hangry, difficult, half-human which can only be tamed with a delicious, hearty lunch. However, eating at a restaurant every lunchtime is not a […]


Having surpassed 1.5 years of marriage (someone forgot the flowers *cough*), I began to feel horribly old. Where had the time gone? I swear it was just yesterday that I started secondary school with my massive middle parting and bushy eyebrows, and now here i am, plus two grey hairs already – crazy! Unfortunately, BW […]

Chi Kitchen

When it comes to holidays or short breaks, BW and I are really, REALLY last minute. I’m talking about booking a weekend trip on the Thursday before we go kind of last minute. Some of you are probably thinking “aw, you guys are so spontaneous”, no! These trips have been decided weeks and even months […]

Mahdi Restaurant

You know when you try and be super careful with something and then you end up messing it all up because you were over careful? Ugh I had one of those recently! You see, I’ve written off one car, driven into my parents PARKED car about five times, had my fair share of speeding tickets, […]

Chai Ki

BW is the type of guy who is organised, or borderline OCD should I say. Me, on the other hand, I am incredibly unorganised, a total messpot, and I can’t sit still. I guess over our marriage, BW has become a little lax (staying up past 11 to watch Suits, and not without a fuss) […]

Original Lahore Kebab House

Since I’ve moved out, Mum has been trying her hardest to teach me to make all my favourite home cooked meals, especially curries. My routine Wednesday home visits now comprise of at least a few hours of learning my way around the kitchen, but usually that means Mum cooks and I get to eat, as […]

Halal Girl About Birmingham – Tru Burger

It all started at the beginning of HGAT when I visited London’s first halal gourmet burger joint; I loved it and decided to write up my review. Three years and 30(!) halal burger joints later, my love for gourmet burgers has not changed, but I have to say I have struggled to find somewhere new […]

Halal Girl About Bradford – Cona

After four long hours of driving that involved my amazing singing skills, a snow blizzard, and a stopover for Kobe Sizzlers, BW and I finally made it to Bradford! Yes, our halal UK journey took us to Bradford, which was actually the main motivation when we were planning it all. But Bradford is full of […]