Chicken Shop

THIS RESTAURANT NO LONGER SERVES HALAL 🙁 Although HGAT has been around for 4 years now, I have still managed to muster zero confidence when taking photos in a restaurant. When I would take my obnoxiously loud camera to the place, every little bit of me would die inside when taking quick and terrible snaps […]

Chit Chaat Chai

Since purchasing a FitBit a few months ago, I’ve been determined to rack up those steps. Mainly, to somehow offset all the eating I’ve been doing, but also because I HAVE to be at the top of the weekly steps leaderboard and ahead of everybody else! Yes, I’m competitive like that. So when I set up […]

Sheng High

**This has now closed** I’m sure you all know me by now, and my excitement when it comes to anything food-related that is different, and most importantly halal. Of course, with halal restaurants these days, we’re still stuck on the burger wave so I’ve turned my attention to street food stalls who offer interesting and […]


Due to my long list of restaurants to visit, it is scarce that I revisit an establishment more than once.  The place would really have to be good for me to want to go back, or perhaps I’m just in the area with friends and thought the food was alright. So when Boondocks, Stax’s new […]


**This has now closed** In preparation for our upcoming December holiday to Thailand, I’ve been up to my ears in research of places to go, things to see, and most importantly, what to eat. You see, Thailand is known for their street food and they serve up just about anything and everything you could dream of. […]

Flaming Cow

As of a few weeks ago, BW has had the utmost pleasure of sharing his car with me, and I can’t tell you guys how much I love it. With my past history of writing cars off and almost driving us over the cliffs in Costa Rica, I was very surprised that BW agreed on […]

Malaysia Fest

Ever since BW and I maxed out on our local Malaysian gem, Satay House, we were constantly on the lookout for something just as good. The problem, however, was that we also happened to over do it with all other Malaysian restaurants that we found; just like overplaying your favourite song on the radio until […]

The Datery

As much as I love celebrating Eid, I’ve come to find that the older I’ve become, the less presents I receive and the more I end up buying for others. All the Eid money I would line my pockets with to visit Woolworths back in the day now ends up going straight into my bank account […]

Talli Joe

**THIS RESTAURANT HAS NOW CLOSED** Coming from an Asian background, I’m sure you all would understand my reluctance to visit an Indian/Pakistani restaurant. First of all, curry is a staple in every household so going out for a good old Indian doesn’t really excite me. Secondly, and it goes without saying, nothing can compare to Mum’s creamy butter […]

Black Roe

Around five years ago, Dad had taken Mum, Z, and I, on a lovely two week family trip to Hawaii. It was one of the best holidays I had been on, and I still cannot thank Dad enough for putting up with me for the 18 hours (with a stopover!) plane journey on the way […]