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I am in love with sushi. I could eat it for every single meal, including breakfast (yes, I’ve had sushi at 11am on a Thursday morning). However, finding sushi with […]


Ramo Ramen

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As I sit here writing this post, it has dawned on me that I am 40 weeks and 1 day pregnant, and there is no sign of this child showing […]


Buddha Bar

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Although 99% of my reviews are dinners with BW, I want to make it clear that we do have friends and do enjoy other people’s company too. Now, we do […]


Black Roe

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Around five years ago, Dad had taken Mum, Z, and I, on a lovely two week family trip to Hawaii. It was one of the best holidays I had been […]


Chi Kitchen

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When it comes to holidays or short breaks, BW and I are really, REALLY last minute. I’m talking about booking a weekend trip on the Thursday before we go kind […]


Aqua Kyoto

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As you all know, I absolutely love birthdays. I will, without a doubt, celebrate mine for a week and if I could, I would turn it into a month (but […]



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Kurobuta happens to be located really close to home and upon our very first visit, during their opening week, we experienced probably the longest dinner of our lives. We had […]


Bone Daddies

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** the chicken at this restaurant is not halal as it is fried in the same oil as the pork items so please avoid** I have a feeling this post […]


MeLove Sushi

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For a long time I believed that “sushi” meant fish, raw fish!!!! But recently I learned that it has joyous connotations.  To me, sushi is love love love!  When I […]

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