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Estimated reading time: 7 mins

You know what hasn’t happened to me in a while? No, no, I get plenty of exercise, I went running just today! I’m talking about that feeling of knowing that […]


The Kati Roll Company

Estimated reading time: 2 mins

With Ramadan coming to an end in a few days, I started to think (more like, dream) about all the delicious food I would get to indulge in again at […]


HGAT Brunch Series – Comptoir Libanais

Estimated reading time: 4 mins

Since having started this brunch series, I’ve wanted to try appeal to a variety of cuisines. So far I’ve had American, Caribbean, and now it’s time to try some good […]


The Dorchester’s Afternoon Tea

Estimated reading time: 6 mins

So you know how in my household we celebrate birthdays for one entire week? Well it’s still mum’s birthday week meaning more celebrations and more food! Last week, we took […]

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