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5 Halal Curry Laksa to Eat This Winter

This winter, the inevitable 5lbs will be added to your waistline due to all the comfort food you’ll be indulging in. Why not make it a delicious 5lbs and opt for a warming, hearty halal curry laksa?



On HGAT, I’ve always gone on about how I love finding hidden halal gems in London. Nowadays,  and although it has been a while since my last find, I have to tell you guys about the best Malaysian restaurant in London, Normah’s Cafe in Queensway market. 


Warisan Cafe

Warisan Cafe is one of those types of restaurants that I love writing about. There is little mention online about them, only that they serve the best fried chicken in London. The menu is small because they stick to what they cook best. And although it is very centrally located, it is practically hidden. BW […]



Pregnancy cravings are a thing guys. Not the “oh I quite fancy that”, but a full-blown “I need XYZ now or I will eat you” kind of craving. Mine were relatively subdued and definitely unhealthy. French fries (vegetables), ice-cream (calcium), and sugary cereals (fibre) were my daily requirements, but sometimes the cravings became interesting. Eggs […]


Mamak Don

Although there are plenty of halal restaurants to be discovered, I always find myself going back to the same old places. These establishments are ones that I know I can rely on for having a good meal, visit after visit. Sadly, this list of mine has slowly dwindled down from numerous restaurants to perhaps three, […]


Sambal Shiok Laksa Bar

As it is my last week of pregnancy, I’ve been trying to see as many friends as possible as well as eating out almost daily! I refuse to let the swelling and constant waddling get the best of me! There has been a restaurant on my pregnancy radar since I heard of it’s opening, and […]



Although it has taken me a while, I have finally come to the realisation that restaurants in shopping centres will always be mediocre to bad. Most of them happen to be chains, and those that aren’t, well they’re really not that good. I know you’re thinking of *that* steakhouse in Westfield, but let’s face it, […]

Rasa Sayang

Rasa Sayang

Rasa Sayang pride on being known as the only halal restaurant in Chinatown. I’m not sure how true that is with Nusa Dua and Good Friend Chicken around the corner, but any halal option is Chinatown is good for me! They serve classic dishes from both Malaysia and Singapore, and it was great to see […]

Zheng He-8256


What is it about good Malaysian food that just makes you feel all fuzzy and melt inside? Is it all that butter that they fry their flaky roti in? What about the gallons of condensed milk that they use in the Teh Tarik? Or all the crispy deliciously fried chicken pieces in the nasi lemak? […]


10 Halal Cheap Eats Under £10

As much as I love London, I slightly balk when I read that we are constantly in the list of the top 10 most expensive cities in the world to live in.

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