Malaysia Fest

Ever since BW and I maxed out on our local Malaysian gem, Satay House, we were constantly on the lookout for something just as good. The problem, however, was that we also happened to over do it with all other Malaysian restaurants that we found; just like overplaying your favourite song on the radio until […]

Sambal Shiok Pop-up

Although I like trying out new things, I’m the kind of person who will find something they like and fixate on it until they get bored of it. Examples being playing the same two songs for three weeks running, doing the same workout for an entire 30 days, or even watching the same movie a […]

C&R Restaurant

**THIS RESTAURANT IS NOW CLOSED** So sometimes I’m not the sharpest crayon in the box, or that is what BW says – how rude. But recently, it may have been deservedly so. My camera SD card decided to stop working and naturally, I hadn’t gotten round to uploading alllllllll the photos onto my computer. All […]


You know when you’ve had one of those weeks where everything just becomes a little too much? Yeah, I just had one of them. My list of things to do was impossibly long and never seemed to get any smaller as the week went on! Come Thursday, I was feeling restless and wanted some chill […]

Satay House

Neighbourhood haunts; we all have one and we all, for some reason, love to flaunt it to visiting friends or family. We insist on our guests trying the place – “It’s the best food around!” – and subjecting the poor visitors to the greasy kebab joint or the mediocre curry house. These guests then don’t […]