Buddha Bar

Although 99% of my reviews are dinners with BW, I want to make it clear that we do have friends and do enjoy other people’s company too. Now, we do have a fairly meaningful age gap between us, which has yielded limited options in terms of other couples to hang out with. Thankfully, over the […]

Nirvana Kitchen

When it comes to HGAT, BW is my biggest fan, CEO/CFO/Editor, basically, 95% of my workforce, and Sugar Daddy. As great as he is, he drives me absolutely nuts. Ever seen the movie Horrible Bosses? Yeah, he’s all three bosses combined. One instance is when it comes to visiting restaurants. He’ll be sure to remind […]

Chi Kitchen

When it comes to holidays or short breaks, BW and I are really, REALLY last minute. I’m talking about booking a weekend trip on the Thursday before we go kind of last minute. Some of you are probably thinking “aw, you guys are so spontaneous”, no! These trips have been decided weeks and even months […]


It can be very difficult to come across a Pan-Asian restaurant in London that is able to successfully pull all the Asian cuisines together on one menu. In theory, it sounds amazing to be able to have delicious sushi rolls whilst eating some crispy peking duck all in one meal, however it doesn’t always work. […]


When friends or relatives visit from abroad, there’s only one place I send them, Camden Market. Be it a 50 year old or a 5 year old, Camden is one of my most favourite places in London. You’ll find everything there from vintage clothing to scrumptious street food, so you can’t go wrong in NW. […]

Novikov – Asian

Being the eldest or the youngest child has its perks: You are the most loved in the household, you get away with everything and anything, and everyone listens to you and what you want is what you get. However, there is always a downside and I’m afraid to say that being the youngest means being […]


For a while, I’ve been craving dim sum – halal dim sum to be exact. I did not know this existed as I’ve always had to eat the fish or vegetarian dim sum and to be honest, knowing it can come in so many more varieties just made the meal less satisfying in non-halal Chinese […]