Dining out with a kid is not a piece of cake, as I have come to find out in the last few months, and every problem that could occur has occurred. Lack of baby changing facilities and nappy explosion? Check. Quiet, peaceful dining room and a baby who has just found their voice? Yup, thats […]


I am LOVING the weather right now in London, minus the rainy days of course. It’s the perfect temperature to snuggle up on the sofa with a humongous bowl of buttery popcorn with extra butter and a big cup of cocoa with whipped cream. It’s the best time to eat all the amazing comfort food […]

Best Persian Restaurants in London

I can’t deny that my favourite cuisine is Persian. There is something deep-rooted in me that goes all weak at the knees over those juicy koobidehs, the squishy naans that are perfect for scooping up those moreish dips, and the refreshing mint tea that ends your meal. So I took the delicious, oops… difficult I […]


I’ve mentioned before how I’m known to be notoriously late, making BW question how one person could have such poor time management. That is, until he got to know my family! He now knows to give at least a half an hour leeway for meeting any member of my family anywhere. One instance included my […]



Over the last couple of months, I’ve come to realise that I have a dangerous obsession. A delicious, calorific obsession, that is. All my friends and family have stopped trusting me to choose restaurants when we go out, even BW has voiced concern over this unhealthy fixation of mine, but I just can’t help it when […]


A couple of weeks ago, BW and I went out with a few couple friends of ours; AJ2 and EK.  Naturally, we got chatting about food, when they made the most outrageous statement ever: they had found a Persian better than Alounak. This couldn’t possibly be true, there is no such thing! Apparently, Abshar in Croydon […]


You know who the best types of friends are? The ones who, despite not seeing them in forever, will make you feel as if you just saw them yesterday. She’ll come fully equipped with ice-cream, cupcakes, and just about anything comforting when you need a shoulder to cry on. 


At the beginning of this year, I lost someone special and very dear to me: my grandfather. I’ll admit that we only became close in the last couple of years, and although he had his faults,

Mother’s Day 2017

Every year, come Mother’s Day, I’m always scrambling around to organise a gift, flowers, and a meal for Mum. And as those of you with big families know, getting everyone on the same page is the most daunting and tedious task. Kids have to be in bed by a certain time, some won’t be happy […]

Mahdi Restaurant

You know when you try and be super careful with something and then you end up messing it all up because you were over careful? Ugh I had one of those recently! You see, I’ve written off one car, driven into my parents PARKED car about five times, had my fair share of speeding tickets, […]