5 More Halal Breakfast Places in London

We’ve had 9 Halal Breakfast Places You Have To Check Out, we’ve also had 5 Halal Breakfast Places You Need To Try This Weekend but now it’s time for 5 More Halal Breakfast Places To Visit. Yes, our wording game is questionable but we like to keep things straight to the point over here. We’ve […]

Sidechick is now serving halal chicken

Step aside Nandos, there’s a new roast chicken place in town, Sidechick. Okay, technically it isn’t new – they have been around for a year and a half- BUT they have just dipped into using halal suppliers for their chicken and to us, that counts as new!  From the team behind Patty & Bun, Sidechick […]

Where To Find: Halal Pizza in London

About the Author: Eutonne runs one of our favourite halal instagram pages: @etfoodvoyage. She’s always creating the most mouth-watering dishes, finding the best desserts and rounding up secret halal gems around the city. You can visit her website here: https://www.etfoodvoyage.com/ But first…pizza! Everyone loves a good slice of pizza, right? It’s pretty much a dish that can absolutely […]

New Halal Restaurants in London

Every year, hundreds of restaurants open up across the capital; from Uyghur to Nigerian cuisines, London has a home for them all. Out of all of these openings, only a handful are halal and some are so under the radar that finding them is near impossible! So, we’ve made life a little easier for you […]

Karvon uYGHUR


Last year, I wrote about a fantastic little gem hidden away in Walthamstow called Etles Uyghur, just one out of two Uyghur restaurants in London. I’m happy to say that there is a new, and third, Uyghur restaurant in town, Karvon (thanks to my super foodie friend, Feroz, for the tip-off!)! So what exactly in […]

6 New Halal Restaurants to Check Out This Week

As Autumn swoops in, you’ll be craving something warm, comforting, and of course, utmost delicious! From traditional Northern indian to crunchy fried chicken, this list should keep you busy eating the whole weekend. Here are five new halal restaurants/restaurants that serve halal that have opened up in the last month.

The Ultimate Guide to Iftar and Suhoor in London

Ramadan Kareem! As Muslims around the world start fasting tomorrow, it means we’re going to be dreaming about what we will be eating for iftar every single day! Sure, there is nothing like breaking fast at home and whilst we agree that you can’t get better than those freshly fried samosas at from mum, some […]

Farzi Cafe

Could Farzi Cafe be the best Indian restaurant in London?

Halal Michelin Starred restaurants in London s

Halal Michelin Starred Restaurants in London

Whilst looking at the Michelin London guide, I made a bet with BW as to how many of these restaurants would be halal/cater for halal. I estimated a tiny 7 whereas he guessed around 20. Pah, he must be dreaming, but I got cracking and decided to find out for myself the exact number of […]



Dining out with a kid is not a piece of cake, as I have come to find out in the last few months, and every problem that could occur has occurred. Lack of baby changing facilities and nappy explosion? Check. Quiet, peaceful dining room and a baby who has just found their voice? Yup, thats […]