Halal Date Night Restaurants in London

Halal Date Night Restaurants in London

Swiped right on a Muslim dating app recently and need somewhere quiet yet cosy for your first date? Perhaps you’ve been seeing each other for a while and you’re ready to make things halal with a ring in your pocket. Or you could just be desperate to change out of those snot-laden clothes, hand your […]

Romantic halal restaurants in London

Romantic Halal Restaurants in London

Looking for a romantic halal restaurant in London for your anniversary, proposal, or even halal date? Here is a definitive list of romantic halal restaurants in London!

Romantic Restaurants in London

You’ll never guess what time of the year it is again? Nope, not Eid, and not my birthday either (although, this should be celebrated all year long), but Valentine’s day! Yay! Yes, I know we don’t do Valentine’s Day, and yes, I know everyday should be like valentines day *rolls eyes*, but I feel kind […]