Blue Ginger

When BW and I were dating, I had booked a holiday to the States for three weeks to hang out and spend time with my amazing sister. Basically, I just ditched him.

DUM Biryani House

Single-dish restaurants seem to be the current trend right now, and have been popping up all over London.

Scene Indian Street Kitchen, Manchester

Because I love and trust you guys, I did a mini-poll across social media as to which restaurants you lovely, loyal readers wanted me to visit and review in Manchester.


You know what hasn’t happened to me in a while? No, no, I get plenty of exercise, I went running just today! I’m talking about that feeling of knowing that my dinner is going to be goooooood – the extra o’s emphasise just how good. It’s the best sort of feeling to have (well, almost […]

Cinnamon Bazaar

Since I was a young’un, I’ve always been a little slow when it came to learning languages. Mum would try her hardest to teach me the gujarati basics whilst my Dhadi would write letters in gujarati to me, both sadly to no avail, and now that I’m older, I’ve realised how important it is to preserve […]

Chit Chaat Chai

Since purchasing a FitBit a few months ago, I’ve been determined to rack up those steps. Mainly, to somehow offset all the eating I’ve been doing, but also because I HAVE to be at the top of the weekly steps leaderboard and ahead of everybody else! Yes, I’m competitive like that. So when I set up […]

Talli Joe

**THIS RESTAURANT HAS NOW CLOSED** Coming from an Asian background, I’m sure you all would understand my reluctance to visit an Indian/Pakistani restaurant. First of all, curry is a staple in every household so going out for a good old Indian doesn’t really excite me. Secondly, and it goes without saying, nothing can compare to Mum’s creamy butter […]

The Kati Roll Company

With Ramadan coming to an end in a few days, I started to think (more like, dream) about all the delicious food I would get to indulge in again at normal hours of the day. My staple morning fried eggs with an array of seasoning (follow me on snapchat to see: Halal.Girl ), a nice […]

Gaylord Restaurant

When it comes to food, BW’s biggest complaint against me is my terrible decision-making. Apparently, this happens to be a weekly occurrence when we go for dinner and although this has been pointed out to me many times, I just can’t seem to understand. One example was when I decided to organise a spontaneous dinner date for […]

Chai Ki

BW is the type of guy who is organised, or borderline OCD should I say. Me, on the other hand, I am incredibly unorganised, a total messpot, and I can’t sit still. I guess over our marriage, BW has become a little lax (staying up past 11 to watch Suits, and not without a fuss) […]