Imli Street

Unfortunately, I have no story for you lovely readers today except that I was really in the mood for Indian food. I guess all the chaat, butter chicken, and samosas I had eaten at every wedding this summer did not cut it for me and I just wanted moar! So off to Imli Street we […]

Bombay Palace

Double dates are like a box of chocolates; you never what you’re going to get (:)). The first few that BW and I went on as newlyweds were, let’s just say, a little awkward, but I think we’re making some progress now! On Sunday, my cousin and I had agreed to double it up – […]

Roti Chai – Street Food

This December, BW and I are taking a little detour on our Dubai trip to visit Bombay for a couple of days. Saying that I’m slightly excited is an under exaggeration; its more like I’m super-duper, ridiculously elated at the fact that we’re going. I know Bombay isn’t the most exotic nor picturesque location but […]


Once we had settled into our new married life and routine, it was about time BW took me on a date. Considering it was our first date as a married couple, I felt a treat was in order, so BW booked us a table at Gymkhana – one of London’s hottest restaurants. Nestled in Mayfair, […]


Wedding planning. You either dislike it or you absolutely hate it – I have yet to come across someone who has loved it. Boys, well we know their stance on it, and girls – for those of you who love it, please tell me your secret. I knew wedding planning during my final and graduating […]

Roti Chai

Since 200 years ago, Indian food has become a predominant feature in British culture especially curries. Because of this, it is hard to find a town without an Indian restaurant/take out on the high street. In London, we have a dedicated strip of curry houses known as Brick Lane but this is also joined by […]

Taste of India

You guys remember my friend JP right? Well, for those new readers, she’s just one best friend who is also a vegetarian. As you can tell this already puts a strain on our relationship, but getting to the point of the story, it was her birthday a couple of weeks back and she decided that […]


I’ve never really ventured much into the East side of London apart from the occasional visit to Brick Lane, but nearby the arty graffiti laden streets of Brick Lane lies Shoreditch.  What drove me to be in the infamous area after nightfall beats me; perhaps it was the warning my parents gave me of not […]