Feng Shang Princess

In the past few months I’ve dragged my family back and forth all across London in order to deliver some new and fresh material for this blog, so nowadays when it comes to special occasions like birthdays, it’s a bit difficult to find a novel place to celebrate at with the whole clan.  For this […]

Taste of India

You guys remember my friend JP right? Well, for those new readers, she’s just one best friend who is also a vegetarian. As you can tell this already puts a strain on our relationship, but getting to the point of the story, it was her birthday a couple of weeks back and she decided that […]

The Meat Co. – CLOSED

The first time, I ever heard of The Meat Co. was when my family had eaten it in Dubai.  I was super jealous for the longest time until, to my eagerness, it opened in Westfield shopping centre.  I have been a regular since its opening, but until today have not taken the time to write […]

The Queen of Sheba

I’ve been scouring around TripAdvisor for a few weeks now looking at London’s food establishments to see if any halal restaurants had made the top 10. Sadly not, but with my geeky researching skills (and a ridiculous amount of spare time) I came across what seems to be a “boom” in a certain type of […]


The majority of you probably already know about Guanabana; whether you have heard about it, read about it, or visited it, the majority of the UK Muslim population probably already know about it, so why am I blogging it?  Well, everyone has different tastes, different ratings, and different interpretations.  Some of you may agree with my […]


My ultimate favourite type of cuisine, closely in line with burgers and steaks, has to be Chinese. It’s oily and high in salt; it is the perfect comfort food for an evening in or out. However, as of lately, I have been eating more than a fair share of Asian-inspired food, so much that I’m […]

Red Iron Burgers

Living in London, I have extensively searched beyond belief for “that” burger. Trying restaurant after restaurant that have claimed to cook up a real burger, I have been disappointed at the flat and obviously processed burgers that I have been served.  Perhaps I have been comparing too many of them to the tastier burgers I […]

Nargis Kapuri

Jambo! Habari? …And that’s as far as my Swahili goes! But hey, at least I tried! So when my parents are feeling a little homesick there’s only one place they like to go…Nargis Kapuri.


I’ve never really ventured much into the East side of London apart from the occasional visit to Brick Lane, but nearby the arty graffiti laden streets of Brick Lane lies Shoreditch.  What drove me to be in the infamous area after nightfall beats me; perhaps it was the warning my parents gave me of not […]

Spicy Basil

“Never judge a book by it’s cover” is something you’ve all probably heard before from your parents and it’s especially a lesson to keep in mind about restaurants. On my family road trip to Kilburn I was expecting to see a big fancy Thai restaurant that everyone had been raving about so you can imagine my reaction when it turned […]