Wedding planning. You either dislike it or you absolutely hate it – I have yet to come across someone who has loved it. Boys, well we know their stance on it, and girls – for those of you who love it, please tell me your secret. I knew wedding planning during my final and graduating […]


When friends or relatives visit from abroad, there’s only one place I send them, Camden Market. Be it a 50 year old or a 5 year old, Camden is one of my most favourite places in London. You’ll find everything there from vintage clothing to scrumptious street food, so you can’t go wrong in NW. […]

The Queen of Sheba

I’ve been scouring around TripAdvisor for a few weeks now looking at London’s food establishments to see if any halal restaurants had made the top 10. Sadly not, but with my geeky researching skills (and a ridiculous amount of spare time) I came across what seems to be a “boom” in a certain type of […]

Spicy Basil

“Never judge a book by it’s cover” is something you’ve all probably heard before from your parents and it’s especially a lesson to keep in mind about restaurants. On my family road trip to Kilburn I was expecting to see a big fancy Thai restaurant that everyone had been raving about so you can imagine my reaction when it turned […]