I am LOVING the weather right now in London, minus the rainy days of course. It’s the perfect temperature to snuggle up on the sofa with a humongous bowl of buttery popcorn with extra butter and a big cup of cocoa with whipped cream. It’s the best time to eat all the amazing comfort food that you can before you start to strive for that summer body. Ah, winter, you gotta love it.

Speaking of comfort food, I was feeling a little chilly today and needed something to make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Aha, I got it – Persian food (Read about my obsession here)! But where could I go that was close to home and somewhere I hadn’t been before? Oh, Tandis in Belsize Park looked good.

Kashk e Bademjan [£5.90]

A chargrilled aubergine dish mixed with garlic, fried onions, walnuts, and herbs, and finished off with a drizzle of whey. Kashk e bademjan is one of my typical and favourite orders at any Persian restaurant, but I was quite disappointed in Tandis’ version of this traditional dish. It seemed to be too heavy on the herbs and needed to balanced out with perhaps something creamy or zingy.

Mast O Moosir [£4.90]

A generous portion of strained yoghurt mixed with wild garlic, elephant garlic mind you. I’m not sure I could taste much difference between the wild elephant garlic and normal garlic but hey ho, the mast o moosir was still a nice addition to the meal.

Joojeh Kebab Soltani [£15.50]

A literal MOUNTAIN of rice served alongside boneless chicken pieces (joojeh kebab) and a skewer of minced lamb (koobideh), with a fat chargrilled tomato on the side. Clearly, Tandis does not skimp on portion size over here. The joojeh kebab, as succulent as it was, the saffron was very prominent and needed some lemon to help cut through the flavour. The koobideh, on the other hand, was out of this world! It was incredibly juicy, tender, and so so flavourful that I couldn’t help but to finish the skewer all by myself, leaving my poor friend with one bite – sorry!


The bill amounted to approximately £50 for two people, so £25 each, including drinks, service, and a koobideh grill for takeaway. Tandis may seem a little pricey on the spectrum of Persian restaurants but the portion sizes more than make up for it, plus the quality of some of the items are fantastic. I was shocked at how good the koobideh was and I even ordered a portion to take home for BW just so he could taste the amazingness!

For Tandis website, please click here.

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