That Fat Cow – The New, Online Halal Butcher’s Shop

Have you always wanted to try the famous, luxury halal Japanese Wagyu but not sure where to find it? Then you need to check out That Fat Cow (TFC). Started by a group of well-travelled friends who all share an appreciation for good food, TFC is an online halal butchers shop that specialises in incredible and unique cuts of beef. This isn’t your regular halal steak though, we’re talking Australian Wagyu Tomahawks, dry-aged T-bone steaks, the works.  

Qassim Qureshi, one of the owners of TFC, recalls walking into a supermarket in Hong Kong and coming across well butchered and packaged halal Welsh lamb. Why was it that this high quality halal meat was available 7000 miles away in HK but not possible to source in the UK?

Qassim goes on to say “Your typical butcher on the high street doesn’t know his brisket from his rump steak and can’t butcher a well marbled ribeye if his life depended on it. The world is full of incredible beef and it’s amazing how much of it is halal. We’ve never had the option – until now. TFC aims to address both of these issues bringing the most desirable Halal beef to the UK market combined with the expertise of our great in-house butchers”. 

Well with a motto of “No Bull, Just Beef”, you know they’re serious about sourcing good quality halal steaks. And just to show you what we’re talking about, TFC “stock the pinnacle of steaks” –  the purebred halal Japanese A5 Wagyu – as well as the well marbled Chilean wagyu and USDA too. Yes, these are the crem de la crem of steaks and this is just the beginning. Qassim goes on to say that they will “continue to scour the world to find the best farms producing the best possible halal beef” so expect the list of unique steaks to grow.

Their online store is now in operation and are taking orders so better get cracking! 

P.S. halal certification is available and the certifying authorities for all their beef is listed on the website. 

For the TFC website, click here.


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