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The Best Broasted

A few months ago, I read an email from a lovely Fowzia informing me of a Syrian restaurant that I just had to try. Now, I’ve received tons of these messages before, but most have been self-promoting their own or a close family/friend’s restaurant, so I’ve been a little sceptical. But this email was different. This email was about The Best Broasted in Willesden Green. 

It was not just the way that she described the food – I mean, spicy fried chicken served with thiccc chips will win my heart any day – but more so, how she felt about the restaurant. How she goes to The Best Broasted for a spot of comfort food. How she’s taken friends there and even hesitated to recommend it to me because it was that good. It was her own juicy, delicious secret.

Only a small handful of restaurants make me feel this way so I decided to take the plunge and head down to Willesden Green with Feroz to find this little green and yellow comfort shack Fowzia was talking about.

You can have a read of the email here:


As you walk in, you are instantly greeted with the scent of fat, salt, and fried chicken; a tantalising smell that will instantly make your mouth water. Grab a table and a menu, and wait for the waiter to take your order.

Because the broasted chicken is fried to order, it is worthwhile ordering a few nibbles from the menu in the meantime.

Zaatar manakish the best broasted
Za’atar Manakish [£1.50]

Unfortunately the bread was quite tough and proved to be a chore to swallow. I would skip this in favour for the small pastries and falafels they have on display.

The Best Broasted Arabic Shawarma
Arabic Shawarma [£7.00]

Slices of chicken shawarma wrapped in flatbread and toasted until a lovely caramelisation is reached on the bread. This was served with broasted chips, toasted flatbread triangles topped with a sweet and spicy spread, and garlic sauce. The shawarma was done well here and worth trying.

And finally, what you’ve been waiting to read about: the broasted chicken!

We decided to go for half a chicken and boy, are we glad we did. The portion is humongous!

This was their half portion with broasted chips.

The best Broasted halal Fried chicken
Half Chicken Broasted [£6.00]

It is huge.

No, we did not finish this.

Yes, it was awesome!

And yes, it only cost £6.00 for this whole plate. Phew.

The Best Broasted Halal fried chicken London

Broasted is a form of frying chicken but in this instance, in a pressure fryer. The high pressure combined with the high temperature of the oil and chicken allows the juices to be retained in the meat as well as sealing the seasoned flour. KFC also uses a similar cooking method with their fried chicken.

The Best Broasted dip their chicken in a seasoned flour before pressure frying it, and then dusting the pieces in an assortment of spices (with the likes of cinnamon, chilli flakes, zaatar, and coriander). As you bite into the chicken, you are greeted with a delightful crunch, immediately followed by super juicy meat.

You can eat it plain, dunk it in the toum (garlic sauce), or even ask for some hot sauce on the side to add some jazz.

Be sure to snag the drumsticks as they’re the tastiest pieces, but let’s be honest, the broasted chips are the best part. Slight crisp exterior with a super fluffy potato interior – this is how chips should be done everywhere.

Best Broasted

The total bill amounted to around £16.50 for two, with drinks, so £8.25 each. It is cheap as (broasted) chips and most definitely worth the journey if you’re looking for good halal fried chicken.

If you have any hole-in-the-walls that you think are worth checking out, leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to give it a visit.

And Fowzia, I’m not sure if you’re reading this but I’m sorry for exposing your secret. You’re right, it really is a spot of comfort!

For The Best Broasted website, click here.

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    February 28, 2020

    Thank you for this great information
    It looks like a good restaurant
    I will do my best to go to him

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