The Best Halal Sandwiches in London

Move aside Pret, we’ve got a great list of halal sandwiches that will certainly up your lunch game. Sure, we’re still waiting on a classic salt beef that is done right and we’re still feeling the absence of Potbelly from our lives but we’ve certainly come along way from the supermarket cheese sandwich. From Philly cheesesteaks to a merguez, egg and chip sandwich found in a hidden kiosk, who knew a sandwich could be so, so great.

Disclaimer: The halal status of each of these restaurants were verified at the time of writing this post however suppliers may change so please double check for yourselves when visiting.

Where to Find a Halal Sandwich in London

Sam’s Sandwiches, Shepherds Bush 

Sam’s Sandwiches is an Algerian sandwich stand sneakily tucked away inside Shepherds Bush Market – yup, you’ll need to turn on your Google maps for this one. You’ll have a choice between merguez sausage, minced meat, marinated chicken or lamb’s liver, which is then cooked alongside an egg and chips, before being stuffed in homemade bread with olives, harissa and mayonnaise. An absolute winner of a sandwich and a must try for anyone in the area. 

Halal Status: All meats served are halal. No pork or alcohol present. 
Address: 9 Shepherd’s Bush Market, London W12 8DE

The Best Broasted, Willesden Green 

Sure, it’s not strictly a sandwich as such but according to rules about what constitutes as a sandwich (aka Wikipedia), 

“a food typically consisting of vegetables, sliced cheese or meat, placed on or between slices of bread, or more generally any dish wherein bread serves as a container or wrapper for another food type” 

In other words, the Arabic shawarma from The Best Broasted is most certainly a sandwich. Tender slices of chicken shawarma are wrapped inside a flatbread with a light layer of toum before being dipped in the chicken shawarma juices and toasted until a beautiful caramelized crisp is achieved on the outside. They serve this up with the famous Best Broasted fried potatoes, a bowl of toum (garlic) and pickles. Whilst you’re there, don’t forget about the Syrian fried chicken! 

Halal Status: All meats served are halal. No pork or alcohol present. 
Address: 18-f, High Rd, London NW10 2QD

Passyunk Avenue, Fitzrovia

It’s hard to come across a good quality, halal philly cheesesteak in London but Passyunk Avenue has held the title for a few years now without any close competition. You’ll want to go for the classic cheesesteak on your first visit – the cheese choice is up to you although we are slightly impartial to the cheese wiz – before trying out their other sandwich options like the Cheesesteak Hoagie, the Reading Terminal Cheesesteak (ribeye with provolone, tenderstem broccoli and pesto) and the Parmigiana ( fried chicken cutlet with cheese and marinara sauce). The chicken wings are also out of this world good too. 

Halal Status: Chicken, beef and turkey are halal. Pork and alcohol present. 
Address: 80 Cleveland Street, Fitzrovia, W1T 6NE

Panadera Bakery, Kentish Town

Panadera Bakery opened up earlier this year and have been selling out of their sandos on a daily basis. Think a deep fried corned beef hash croquette sandwiched between homemade toasted panadesal bread or a super creamy, rich egg mayonnaise sandwich. Just be sure to ask if they have any black truffle on hand to add to your egg sandwich for a truly indulgent experience. 

Halal Status: All meats served are halal. No pork or alcohol present. 
Address: 83 Kentish Town Road, Camden Town, London, NW1 8NY

Credit: Bigeatsglobal

Eggslut, Fitzrovia, Shoreditch and Notting Hill 

Of course, there has to be a breakfast sandwich on the list, precisely one that can be eaten at any time of the day. Eggslut does a great range of egg sandwiches but the one you want to try is the Gaucho sandwich; seared tri-tip wagyu steak served in a soft brioche bun with chimichurri sauce, a fried egg, red onions and rocket. If you rather have something more “breakfast-y”, they are also known for their uber buttery scrambled eggs so the Fairfax sandwich with halal beef bacon is a good one to choose. 

Halal Status: Wagyu beef, beef bacon and turkey sausage are halal. Halal items cooked and stored separately from non-halal items. Pork and alcohol present. 

Bake St, Dalston

Supposedly, Nashville-style fried chicken was born in the 1930s when a wife wanted to teach her cheating husband a lesson and decided to douse his fried chicken in hot spicy pepper. Well, he must have loved it because fast-forward 80 years and it seems to have caught on with numerous US establishments offering this fiery dish.

So where can you get halal Nashville-style fried chicken in London? As usual, Bake St in Dalston have got you covered with their Nashville Hot chicken bun: a huge fried chicken fillet dipped in a bright red, spicy Nashville oil served with hot mayo, cheese and lettuce in a bun – get your tissues and glass of milk ready, it’s a real hot one. If you think you can handle your heat, ask for it to be extra hot but don’t say we didn’t warn you! Whilst you’re there, the tacos are well worth a try, with the ox tongue being one of our favourites, as are the smash burgers. 

Halal Status: All meats served are halal. No pork or alcohol present. 
Address: 58 Evering Rd, Lower Clapton, London N16 7SR

Cona, Bradford

Yes, it’s not in London but it would be a crime not to mention Cona in Bradford as they are the only place that do a halal wagyu katsu sando in the whole of the UK. The sando consists of a panko-breaded and fried piece of A5 Japanese wagyu steak which is served with a tangy sauce and sits between two slices of Japanese milk bread. However it is not available all the time so you’ll need to keep a close eye on their socials to see when they’ll be serving this beauty again.

Halal Status: All meats served are halal. No pork or alcohol present. Address:
Address: 20 East Parade, Little Germany, Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD1 5HD

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