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Although BW and I are from the same community, we both come from slightly different backgrounds. Whilst I’m full East African, with both parents being born in Tanzania and their parents coming from Gujarat, BW is half and half. One half hailing from Mumbai, India, and the other actually being East African, as his mum lived in the Congo. However, getting him to embrace his African side has been like getting blood from a stone and trying to coax him into eating at an East African restaurant has been nothing but impossible. That is until Mum had her birthday at The Hubb, a Halal East African Restaurant,  in Northwood Hills.

Having no choice but to come, BW was a little wary and confused by the names on the menu, so left the ordering to us. And goodness, did we order a feast.

The Food at The Hubb

The Hubb Mushkaki
Hubb Mushkaki Kenyan  [£6.00]
One of the best dishes of the evening. Juicy little pieces of lamb that had been marinated Kenyan style (garlic, ginger, cumin, coriander, and chillies) before being barbecued to get that oh-so-lovely smoky flavour. The Tanzanian style comes with a spicy tomato-based sauce but the Kenyan is what you want to go for.

The hubb Chicken wings
Chicken Wings [£5.00]
Chicken wings have never been my favourite but The Hubb managed to sway me with their bright orange, masala chicken wings.

The Hubb
Masala Mogo [£4.00]
Fried pieces of cassava that were coated in the house masala sauce and finished with a scatter of coriander.

The Hubb
Samosas [£4.00]
Nothing out of the ordinary lamb samosas.

The Hubb
Chicken Poussin [£12.00 for a whole chicken]
Chicken pieces that had been deep-fried and usually comes smothered in a fiery red, spicy poussin sauce, but in this instance, we got the sauce on the side because of the kids. The chicken had been marinated in a combination of ginger, garlic, paprika, and lemon, and had a nice slight crisp whilst maintaining a good, juicy centre – I could have eaten it plain but it wouldn’t be chicken poussin without the sauce. The sauce in question is a mixture of a lot of paprika plus butter, chilli, oil, and vinegar (from what I can guess) so definitely packs a punch.

The HUbb
Chops [£8.00]
Unfortunately, I did not manage to try the chops but from the table’s reaction to them, they seemed great.

The Hubb
Round Kebabs

We had pre ordered these crispy round kebabs and they arrived fresh and piping hot.

The Hubb
Poussin Chips [£3.00]
The same magical hot sauce coated all the chips, which needed to be thinner and crispier to really enjoy.

Dabba Chips [£3.00]

Freshly fried chips that were coated in the house spice mix before being closed in a box to steam. They were okay and forgettable.

I’m not sure I can estimate correctly just how much the bill was given that we were a party of 7, plus three kids, one toddler, and two babies (phew), and it was so hectic I did not manage to see how much the bill came to. But, given the prices above I would say the total came to around £25 for 2 people, excluding drinks and service, so approx £13-15 each depending how hungry you are. Service was a bit hit and miss; perhaps the staff felt overwhelmed by the number of large groups that were coming to the restaurant, but 

By the way, BW absolutely loved it and has agreed to visit the in-laws more if that means he gets more of the mushkaki and chicken poussin! Nargis Kapuri, we’re coming for you next!

Do you know any East African (more notably Tanzanian and Kenyan) restaurants in London worth visiting? Let me know in the comments below.

For The Hubb’s website, click here.

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