The Ultimate List of Halal Restaurant DIY Kits in the UK

Are you missing out on your favourite restaurants during the lockdown period and tired of cooking all the same things? Why not order a halal DIY meal kit from one of your favourite restaurants. They’re a bunch of fun to put together especially with your other half or family at home, plus they’re almost 99% as good as the real deal! 

We’ve kept this list up to date with all the latest and tastiest DIY kits that you’ll love putting together in the comfort of your own home. Almost all of the places listed below deliver nationwide so you don’t have to worry about leaving the house to collect it. From BBQ brisket to laksas to Eastern Mediterranean pita wraps and even desserts, this really is the ultimate list of halal restaurant DIY kits in the UK. 

Last update: 18/03/21

Disclaimer: Please do double check the halal status of any of the DIY kits mentioned below as the suppliers may have changed since this post was written. 


1. Passyunk Avenue

Order this: Passyunk Avenue’s LOVEbundles were one of the first on the DIY kit scene with their cheesesteak and wing kits. The cheesesteak comes with rolls, ribeye steaks, and an option of cheese (provolone, cheese wiz, and American cheese), and you have a choice to add on their popular buffalo wings too. 

Halal Status: Beef, chicken, and turkey is halal.
Delivery: Nationwide delivery starts at £4.50.
Cost: The Cheesesteak and Wings LOVEbundle for 2 people starts from £29.99
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2. Motherclucker

Order this: Motherclucker are known for their crunchy fried chicken strips with cajun fries and sauces. Heck, they even featured in the “Best Halal Fried Chicken” video on YouTube. You can imagine our excitement when we found out that you can recreate their delicious crunchy chicken in the comfort of your own home using their D.I.FRY chicken kit! 

Halal Status: All meat served is halal.
Delivery: Nationwide delivery at a £6.95 charge
Cost: The DIFRY Strip kit for 2 people starts from £18.00

3. Nanny Bills

Order this: If Nanny Bill’s restaurant sites are a little too far out for you and you just really want a good burger in the comfort of your own home, their burger DIY kits are what you want to order this week. Their simple but juicy and cheesy burgers really just hit the spot, and are easy to put together. 

Halal Status: Beef and chicken is halal. The bacon is not and some sauces may contain alcohol. All the meat used in the HALAL Bacon Cheeseburger Kit is halal.
Delivery: Nationwide delivery at a £6.95 charge.
Cost: The Bacon Double Cheeseburger Kit for 4 people is £30

4. Assenheim 56 

Order this: Assenheim 56 is a staple city lunch spot and is known for their South American chicken and rice with their famous green sauce. We’re not joking, that green sauce really is something. If you’re missing out on your lunch fix, you can get their grilled marinated chicken with rice and that green sauce delivered straight to your home and can put it together in 15 minutes or less. The perfect weeknight dinner option! 

Halal Status: Chicken is halal.
Delivery: Nationwide delivery at a £5 charge.
Cost: The Assenheims Marinated Chicken Kit starts from £15.00 for 2 people
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5. Cue Point

Order this: Cue Point are one of the leading halal BBQ pioneers and although COVID has temporarily closed their location, they are churning out DIY kits daily to hungry halalarians nationwide. Start with an order of their fantastic nacos (nacos = naan + tacos) with an array of smoked meats from brisket to chicken plus all the trimmings. Our waists are already expanding at the thought of their gooey triple chocolate cookies. 

Halal Status: All meats served are halal.
Delivery: Nationwide delivery at an £8 charge.
Cost: The classic Lamb and Brisket Naco set starts from £40.00 for 3 people
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6. Cyprus Kitchen 

Order this: Cyprus Kitchen is an Eastern Mediterranean food concept that are serving up their popular wraps nationwide. Each box contains skewers of chicken, skewers of lamb kofte, halloumi, za’atar, tzatziki, pittas, and more. 

Halal Status: Chicken and lamb is halal
Delivery: Nationwide delivery at a £6.95 charge.
Cost: The Chicken, Lamb Kofte and Halloumi kit for 2 starts at £17.50.

7. Smoke and Bones

Order this: Smoke and Bones are boxing up their halal smoked goods like their brisket, ribs, and pastrami and having them delivered right to your doorstep. They are also offering a monthly special subscription box which will be delivered in the last week of every month and will have specials like: bbq burnt ends, lamb barbacoa tacos, confit duck etc. 

Halal Status: All meats served are halal.
Delivery: Nationwide delivery at a £7 charge.
Cost: They are offering a subscription box service where you receive a box of the month at a cost of £30 p/m. Alternatively, start with the classic Smoke and Bones Smokehouse Burger Box at £30.00 for 4 people or the humongous beef ribs at £50.00
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8. Al Haji Suya

Order this: If you’ve always wanted to get your hands on the famous Al Haji grill’s suya but can’t fathom the journey to Greenwich, then get their beef suya delivered straight to you. You’ll just need a microwave to warm it up slightly, sprinkle on the supplied seasoning pot, and serve with fresh tomatoes and onions. They are also offering their spicy beef jerky too. 

Halal Status: All meats served are halal.
Delivery: Free shipping within zones 1-3
Cost: Beef suya starts from £6.50

9. Charred

Order this: Charred has an array of smoked goods that are on offer on their website; from their entire spatchcocked chicken with chipotle, lime, and honey to their smoked spring lamb shoulder, these are great options for a Sunday roast at home. Don’t forget to add the sauces in too. 

Halal Status: All meats served are halal.
Delivery: Nationwide delivery at a £5 charge.
Cost: The Spatchcock Chicken starts from £12 for 2 people with no sides

10. Brisket Bar LDN (previously known as Halal Meaters)

Order this: You may have heard of Halal Meaters from instagram with their delicious salt beef, pastrami, and brisket shots; they have now rebranded to Brisket Bar LDN and opened up a counter service spot in Hackney. If you don’t live close enough for collection, you can now have their popular Trap Tray which has a taster of everything in the comfort of your own home, or opt for the Dinner for 2 package. 

Halal Status: All meats served are halal.
Delivery: Nationwide delivery that starts at £7.
Cost: The Dinner for 2 package costs £45 and the Trap Tray for 2-3 people costs £60

11. Berenjak

Order this: Can’t nail that koobideh recipe you found online? The Berenjak kebab box will make your life 100 times easier. You have a choice between two boxes – the Berenjak Kabab kit or the the Kabab-e-tond kit – which contains joojeh chicken, koobideh/barreh kebab, onion salad, tomatoes for grilling, lavash bread, and mast o mousir. Phew, that is a lot! They are forever expanding their range on the Berenjak Bazaar shop so be sure to keep checking in. 

Halal Status: Chicken and lamb is halal.
Delivery: Nationwide delivery for £10 or Saturday delivery within the M25 for £7.
Cost: The  Kabab kit for 2 people costs £30

12. Rasa Sayang

Order this: The kits from Rasa Sayang are exactly what this rainy weather is calling for: nasi lemak, beef rendang, and chicken curry. Everything will arrive vacuum packed and chilled, and it just requires a quick blitz in the microwave to put it together. 

Halal Status: All meats served are halal.
Delivery: Nationwide delivery at a £6 charge.
Cost: The beef rendang kit starts at £10.90

13. Sambal Shiok 

Order this: Staying in for date night this weekend? Sambal Shiok’s laksa kit makes the perfect dinner for two at home. Each kit contains large juicy prawns, tender poached chicken, stock, noodles, and all the trimmings. 

Halal Status: Chicken is halal.
Delivery: Nationwide delivery at a £6 charge.
Cost: £30 for the Laksa kit for 2 people.

14. Gunpowder 

Order this: It was only a matter of time before Gunpowder made one of their top selling dishes – the kashmiri lamb chops – available as a DIY kit that you can easily put together at home. For £55, you get an entire rack of lamb marinated in their ghee roast marinade, broccoli with mustard malai, tandoori new potatoes, beetroot croquettes and a chocolate brownie with cardamom custard. This would make for a great date night at home. 

Halal status: Beef, chicken, and lamb is halal.
Delivery: Nationwide delivery at a charge of £5.50. Free if you order 2 items.
Cost: From £55 for 2 people.

15. White Men Can’t Jerk 

Order this: Feeling the Monday blues? Warm up your day with the WMCJ jerk chicken DIY box. You’ll receive marinated chicken legs, rice & peas, an assortment of sauces (scotch bonnet and pineapple jam, Jerk bbq sauce, hot sauce etc), coleslaw mix, and other trimmings, and you can choose either a box for 2 or 4 people. 

Halal Status: Chicken is halal.
Delivery: Nationwide delivery at a charge of £6.95
Cost: From £20 for 2 people

16. Kadiris 

Order this: Missing mum’s biryani ? Not to worry, Kadiris are selling their famous biryani kits online for those who want to try their hand in making a good ol’ biryani. The steps are fairly straightforward and require ingredients you’ll have on hand at home anyways. 

Halal Status: All products on sale are halal.
Delivery: Nationwide delivery at a charge of £6. Delivery is free for all orders above £45
Cost: £20 for the biryani kit.

17. Rice Guys 

Order this: Fancy shaking up your Friday night during lockdown? Why not check out The Rice Guys’ whole cantonese duck roast. You’ll be leaving it to dry for a few hours, before roasting and carving it up. Serve it up with soy sauce and chilli oil.

Halal Status: The duck is halal.
Delivery: Nationwide delivery at a £6 charge.
Cost: £15 for one portion of cantonese duck with rice or you can go for the big mama option of a whole cantonese duck roast with soy sauce, chilli oil, and rice for £28 which feeds 4-6 people.

18. Cona 

Order this: Have a special occasion coming up with your other half in the next few weeks but won’t be able to celebrate over a fancy restaurant dinner? Why not make your own luxury dining experience at home for the two of you. Cona is selling their fantastic beef wellington boxes complete with pomme puree, vegetables, and bone marrow gravy too. You’ll just have to cook the wellington and figure out dessert – chocolate covered strawberries anyone?

Update: They are also now selling their burger kits as well as a roast chicken kit which comes with truffle mac and cheese and peppercorn sauce. Now that’s your Sunday Roast sorted!

Halal Status: All meats served are halal.
Delivery: Nationwide delivery at £14.95
Cost: £100 for the beef wellington box for 2 and £50 for the steak box.

19. Zelman Meats

Order This: The halal Zelman Meats steak box for 2 is exactly what you want for your next date-night in or even if you want to just celebrate the end of the week. The box contains two steaks, hispi cabbage with anchovy butter and 2 burrata with all the trimmings. Not only does it teach you how to make a great steak but the box is so close to the real deal that you won’t miss going out for a steak!

Halal Status: All the steaks in the halal steak box are halal. The shortrib in the other boxes is not halal
Delivery: Free nationwide delivery
Cost: £75 for the halal Zelman Meats box for 2.

20. Flesh and Buns

Order This: If you never got the chance to dine at Flesh and Buns, this is now your chance to try their popular Japanese Fried Chicken bun as they have now started delivering their DIY kits across the country. Think crunchy fried chicken pieces stuffed inside a soft squishy bun with BBQ mayonnaise, shiso leaves and chillies.

Halal Status: Chicken is halal
Delivery: Nationwide delivery at a charge of £4.99.
Cost: £27.50 for the kit for 2 and £35 for the kit with a bamboo steamer

21. Empire Biryani

Order This: We did mention that Gunpowder are doing DIY kits now for their fantastic lamb chops and tandoori chicken. Well, they’ve started their new biryani delivery service that serves up classic biryanis that are ready to bake! The lamb shank biryani home meal kit will include the grande lamb dum biryani, beef boti kebabs and a Hyderbadi egg saland.

Halal Status: Beef, chicken and lamb is halal.
Delivery: Within the M25 at a charge of £8.
Cost: £30 for the lamb biryani kit

22. Truffle London

Order This: Tired of the usual burgers with American cheese and fancy something with a little va-va-voom? The Truffle Burger meal kit is the one you want to go for over here. You can expect an incredibly rich burger thanks to the 90-day dry aged beef that they use, plus the truffle mayonnaise and the heavy raclette cheese too.

Halal Status: Beef is halal
Delivery: Nationwide delivery at a charge of £8
Cost: £25 for the Truffle Burger Meal for 4 people.

23. Ramo Ramen

Order This: Ramo Ramen are the only fully halal ramen joint in London right now and they’ve just dropped their Oxtail Kare Kare ramen ready to be made at home. It takes less than 15 minutes to put together and you’ll be slurping on this rich creamy ramen in no time. They also have chicken and mushroom ramens available too.

Halal Status: All meats served are halal
Delivery: Nationwide delivery at a charge of £5.95 for standard delivery or £11 for next day. Alternatively you can opt for a click and collect option which is free of charge.
Cost: The ramens cost £30 for 2 people.

24. Claridge’s Dine at Home

Order This: Spruce up your Friday evening with the Claridge’s beef wellington – it’s really an experience in itself! The beef wellington comes with potato dauphinoise, gravy, green beans and heritage carrots so you’ll just need to finish it off at home.

Halal Status: Halal options must be preordered a few days before you want your meal and must be specified in the order notes section upon checkout. They will also provide you with a gravy that does not contain wine.
Delivery: Delivery available to local areas for a charge. Collection also available.
Cost: £75 for the beef wellington with trimmings

25. Ambassador General Store

Order This: The giants behind Trishna, Gymkhana and Brigadiers have released their own Ambassador General Store so you can make your own Michelin-starred meal at home. Have a taste of Gymkhana’s famous tandoori lamb chops or the kid goat keema pau, Trishna’s beautiful Hariyali bream or Tandoori mustard prawns, or Brigadier’s bbq butter chicken wings or malai chicken tikka. Phew. Now this is a meal kit worth ordering home.

Halal Status: Lamb, chicken and goat is halal across all three restaurants.
Delivery: Nationwide delivery at a £10 charge.
Cost: Each store have their own “Experience” box which start from £80 but you can also opt to select particular dishes.

26. Hoppers

Order This: Over lockdown, Hoppers launched their Hoppers Cash and Kari service where they sell their meal kits to those of us who are missing out on their staples. Their boxes come loaded with mutton rolls, banana chips, choice of main (chicken kalipul or lamb kothu), sauces, sambal, roti dough and dessert – phew. You can also order individual dishes too.

Halal Status: Chicken, lamb and mutton is halal
Delivery: Nationwide delivery at a cost.
Cost: Boxes start at £45 for 3-4 people

27. Limin’ Beach

Order This: Limin’ Beach started up as a pop-up in Spitalfields a few years back and are now offering their fantastic roadside doubles (similar to paratha and chana) or River Lime curry chicken as DIY kits. A fantastic way to warm up the grey weather!

Halal Status: Chicken is halal.
Delivery: Nationwide delivery at a charge of £3.00
The Roadside Doubles start from £25.00 for 10 fried flatbreads.

28. Arabica

Order This: Arabica is a Middle Eastern restaurant based in both Borough Market and King’s Cross. Since lockdown, they’ve turned to the trusty meal kit to get their delicious food out there and by golly, are their meal kits good. You can opt for either the Lebanese beef shin or the lamb stew and both come with halloumi, aubergine kibbeh, hummus beiruti, tabbouleh, baba ganoush and some baklava to finish off with. You can also try out their tagine options.

Halal Status: All meats served are halal
Nationwide delivery available at a charge of £9 for fresh or frozen products, £6.25 for other items or free if the order is above £75.
Cost: The Lebanese lamb or beef boxes start from £50 for 2 people

29. Ceru

Order This: Ceru has been around for years and The slow roasted lamb shoulder is with pomegranate sauce was always a winner back then and now they’re serving it up as a DIY kit, alongside a beef fillet box and a chicken shish meal kit too.

Halal Status: All meats served are halal.
Delivery: Nationwide delivery at a charge.
Cost: Boxes start from £40.00 and serve 2

30. Juma Kitchen

Order This: Phillip Juma has been running his Iraqi Juma Kitchen since 2012 and although he has a place in Borough Market, he has just dropped his Tepsi Beitenjan Burger and Kunefe kit. Yes, thats right, you get a portion of kunefe in this special meal kit.

Halal Status: All meats served are halal.
Delivery: Nationwide delivery at a charge of £4.99
Cost: £30 for the burger and knafa kit for 2 people.

31. Talad Eatery

Order This: Talad Eatery is a quaint Thai cafe based on King’s Road in Chelsea who have started selling their popular khao soi online. If you aren’t familiar, khao soi is a curried noodle soup that is popular around Asia. It’s a hug in a bowl and if you don’t want to go through the effort of making it, you can just use the Talad Eatery kit!

Halal Status: Chicken is halal
Delivery: Nationwide delivery at a £6 charge
Cost: The khao soi kit costs £30 for 2 people.

32.Old Chang Kee

Order This: Old Chang Kee is a Singaporean import who have been serving hungry Londoners their lovely curry puffs. They’ve now turned digital and are selling curry puff bundles, laksa kits and more. The best selling bundle with the curry puffs and curries is a great introduction to the brand.

Halal Status: All meats served are halal.
Delivery: Nationwide delivery at a charge of £6.25
Cost: The Best Selling bundle starts costs £65.

33. Darjeeling Express

Order This: Asma Khan’s Deli by Darjeeling Express may have only been open for a hot minute during the pandemic but that hasn’t stopped her from feeding us her popular Chicken Biryani. It also comes with accompanying raita, mirchi ki salan and chutney too.

Halal Status: All meats served are halal
Delivery: Nationwide delivery at a charge.
Cost: £49.50 for the chicken biryani for 2

34. “With Love, From Me to You” by Darjeeling Express

Order This: If you’re really missing Asma Khan’s food and can’t wait until May to dive in, why not check out her new seven course menu for 2 people. It will be like having Asma in your own kitchen! The menu consists of puchkas (pani-puri/gol guppa) and chana chaat, followed by a chicken chaap with parathas, a leg of lamb curry and a badami baingan. All finished with poppadoms and a dessert! Now, thats a show-stopping meal kit.

Halal Status: All meats served are halal.
Delivery: Nationwide delivery at a charge.
Cost: £98 for 2 people.

35. Chingon

Order This: Chingon is the relatively new kid brother of Hot Box London – the smoked bbq joint – and are serving out tacos after tacos piled high with beef brisket, smoked chicken, fish and prawns. Of course, that was before lockdown but they are now offering DIY kits so that you take your Taco Tuesday game to another level. Check out the Barbacoa box to have a taster of lamb barbacoa tacos with consomme, chicken tacos, cactus salad and all the sauces too.

Halal Status: Beef, chicken and lamb is halal. Just ask them to substitute the Margarita mix for non-alcoholic beverage.
Delivery: Right now, it is collection only from the restaurant.
Cost: The barbacoa box costs £52 for 3-4 people

36. Baba G’s

Order This: The Crazy Lamb Jalfrezi Burger kit is the one you want to go for over at Baba G’s. Think a cumin, coriander and chilli studded lamb patty, sandwiched between a brioche bun and finished off with onion bhajis, mango ketchup, tamarind sauce, pickle and raita.

Halal Status: All meats served are halal
Delivery: Nationwide delivery at a £6.95 charge
Cost: £30 for the Crazy Lamb Jalfrezi burger kit for 4 people

37. Sunday Roast by Aktar At Home

Order This: There is no going wrong with a Sunday roast and if you don’t want to faff around much in the kitchen, Aktar Islam’s Sunday Roast is the meal kit for you this weekend. Each box contains a 1kg dry aged Argentinian Sirloin beef plus all the sunday roast trimmings like roast carrots, roast potatoes, yorkshire puddings and get this, a truffled cauliflower cheese!

Halal Status: The meat in this box is halal however you must ask them to remove the gravy as it contains alcohol.
Delivery: Nationwide delivery at a £15 charge
Cost: £65 for 4 people

38. Curry Box by Aktar At Home

Order This: Aktar Islam is the chef at Opheem, a Michelin recommended restaurant in Birmingham, who has been serving up his weekly curry boxes nationwide. The curry boxes aren’t your regular ones though; they contain around 8 curries with 3 accompaniments and have dishes like murgh makhani, beef chettinad, Lucknowi korma etc. The menu changes weekly so be sure to stay updated via their instagram page.

Halal Status: The meat used in the curry boxes are halal but do double check beforehand as the menu changes weekly.
Delivery: Nationwide delivery at a £15 charge
Cost: £70 for a box which either feed 4 in one sitting or 2 people across a few days.

39. Mei Mei Kitchen

Order This: Mei Mei kitchen is a Singaporean food establishment based in Borough Market. They took London by storm with their fantastic Hainanese chicken – poached chicken with rice and broth – and the utterly indulgent kaya toast. They’ve turned to DIY meal kits for the time being so everyone can have a taster. They’re also offering their laksa to recreate at home!

Halal Status: All the chicken they serve is halal.
Delivery: Nationwide delivery at an £8 charge
Cost: The Hainanese chicken feast costs £60 for 4 people and the laksa is £35 for 2.

40. Baked Bird UK

Order This: Looking for a healthier alternative to deep fried chicken wings? Why not check out Baked Bird UK who specialise in chicken strips and tenders that are already marinated and ready to be dipped in the seasoned breadcrumbs, baked and smothered in a sauce of your choice. They are currently offering two flavours: “I’m Soo Buff” aka buffalo and “Kim’s Gochu-gang” aka Korean. 

Halal Status: All the chicken they serve is halal
Delivery: Nationwide starting from £2
Cost: £15 for a kit for 2 and £9 for a kit for 1

41. HAME by Adam Handling

Order This: Feeling a little fancy and want to spoil yourself? Then the HAME by Adam Handling box is ideal for you! You can choose your own meal by choosing individual dishes like the famous chicken butter with sourdough and the signature Mother’s dish – celeriac, apple and dates – or go for one of the HAME packages which has everything chosen for you already! 

Halal Status: Halal meat can be accommodated for certain dishes and must be written in the order notes section upon checkout
Delivery: Nationwide at a charge depending on your area. £15 if you live within 10 miles of WC2E 7HG or £25 if you live outside of this radius. 
Cost: The Dine-In style for 2 costs £200

42. Modern Persian Kitchen

Order This: Whilst this isn’t technically a DIY kit as it requires such little cooking, we just had to include them on the list! Modern Persian Kitchen have been selling their homely and traditonal Persian dishes nationwide. This isn’t the usual chelo kebab though, MPK focus on serving healthy and filling meals like saffron chicken, gheymeh (beef and split pea stew) and lots more. 

Halal Status: All meats served are halal
Delivery: Nationwide at a charge of £7.50
Cost: The family box costs £60 and includes 14 dishes – all freezer-friendly. 

43. Wingmans Chicken

Order This: Been craving some goooood ol’ buffalo chicken wings but can’t wait until post-lockdown for your fix? Check out the Wingmans Buffalo DIY Kit where you’ll be recreating their most popular wings at home! You can choose between the Buffalo or BBQ kit but both are just as good and contain 1.5kg seasoned jumbo wings, flour for dredging, buffalo or bbq sauce for smothering, recipe cards and additional condiments. Plus if you’re watching your cholesterol, they’ve included instructions on how to bake them!

Halal Status: All chicken served is halal
Delivery: Nationwide delivery from £5.99
Cost: Both kits cost £25 for 2-4 people

44. Noshe Jaan

Order This: If you’re looking for a feast, Noshe Jaan has got you with their enormous Kabuli At Home kit. Yes, you read that right. You can recreate your favourite kabuli pilaw dish in the comfort of your own home including roasting the lamb and putting it together with the rice with carrots and sultanas. You’ll also be provided with Afghan sweet bread, green chutney, salad and Sheer chai (pink tea).

Halal Status: All meats served are halal.
Delivery: Nationwide delivery at a charge.
Cost: £35 for 2-3 people

This list will continue to be updated so please do keep checking back!

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