Tips on Hosting Eid during Lockdown

This Ramadan, I like to think we made the most of the opportunity of being at home by reflecting on ourselves, spending quality time with other household members, and having been able to really focus on our prayers and fasts. It could possibly be the best Ramadan yet in terms of spiritually connecting with ourselves and Allah. 

Now that fasting has come to an end and it is Eid, we should still maintain our spiritual connection but it is vital we adhere to social distancing. Not only is this to protect ourselves but also to keep our close friends and loved ones safe too. One Eid missed and spent at home may save several lives

Just because we’re physically distanced, it doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate Eid together. While we cannot congregate as is tradition for many, who’s to say you can’t have the best Eid partay in the comfort of your own home, whether you’re on your own or just with a spouse. 

Here is a great video from the team behind showing you 5 tips on how to stay safe and have a happy Eid this year! From socially distanced family outings to getting creative with selfies, they’ve covered the main ways that you can enjoy Eid.



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Here are some more great ways to get into the Eid spirit!



Since you’re not having/attending any Eid gatherings this year due to lockdown rules, how about you still get into the Eid groove by setting up beautiful Eid decorations in your own house or apartment. Did you know that all of these items are available to purchase online so you won’t need to leave the house – woo! Here are a few images of Eid decor to really get you in the spirits and inspire you to make your own:

1.Moon and stars, 2 . Eid Mubarak Column

3. Eid Pastel fans   4. Al fresco Eid


Who enjoys waking up at the crack of dawn to drive to the mosque for Eid namaz? For those that don’t, depending on your school of faith, you may be able to recite your Eid salat in the comfort of your own home and jammies. Just be sure to keep an eye out for your local mosque’s online social feed as many may look into streaming the Eid salat this year, even whilst the mosques are closed. 


Receiving an Eid card through the post can brighten up anyone’s day, especially as we aren’t doing any familial visits this year due to lockdown. Looks like you’re saved from several cheek kisses from old aunties this year! So make an elderly aunty or close friend happy by sending them one of these humorous Eid Mubarak cards instead. Alternatively, it may be a fun activity to make an Eid card yourself at home – it’s a great way to get the kids involved too! Links to card below the image.

1. Pop up Eid card      2. Lockdown Eid Card 
3. Eid Ul Quarantine  4. May your path 

5. Stay home Eid card  6. Favourite person 



So which ones of your friends and relatives are you going to be VIRTUALLY seeing during lockdown this Eid?! Virtual meet ups can actually be fun and are a great way to include everyone, including those that live abroad too, so no excuse to leave anyone off the list nor leave the house. 

Zoom has certainly been the ultimate online social hangout with friends and family during lockdown, so why not keep the good times going this Eid by hosting a zoom Eid party quiz with your close ones. Here are a few topics to give you inspiration:

  1. Islamic knowledge – Prophets, Quran, Art
  2. Food – Traditional Eid dishes from different countries, Eid recipes, 
  3. Culture – Eid traditions of different countries, Eid outfits of different cultures


Here is a fantastic Eid gift guide (link to Eid gift guide) filled with goodies whether you are buying the presents for yourself (no shame in this, I’ve bought myself two this year!), for the wife, or even having them delivered to your parents at their home as you won’t be visiting them for this year’s Eid. It also includes a great list for babies, childrens, and teens too. 

Link to Eid Gift Guide Post 


Due to lockdown, you may not be able to have your mother-in-law’s famous Eid biryani or dad’s delicious halwa puri? But who’s to say you cannot recreate these traditional dishes in your own kitchen and make it even better! This Eid Recipe Roundup post is a portal to all the easy and simple Eid food staples you’ll want to indulge in this year, whether you’re on your own or with the kids. Think nalli nihari, crispy samosas, cheesecakes – yes, this post has it all. 

Link to Eid Recipe Roundup Post.


If you have kids, you know they’ll be missing seeing their cousins due to social distancing, but make Eid this year at home unforgettable by throwing them a mini Eid party filled with fun activities that are easy to set up and fun to get involved with. Throw in a couple of zoom sessions with their grandparents and uncles/aunties and they’ll really feel involved in the Eid festivities.

Here are a few activities to keep them busy (links to activities below images)

  1. Gingerbread mosque  
  2. Moon pinata 
  3. Children’s masjid 
  4. Eid printables 

Any crafts can be purchased via Amazon or Etsy for next day delivery! 



There is no denying that Eid will feel different this year, but keeping yourself at home and socially distanced from your relatives plays a key role in keeping the spread at bay.  We are still able to celebrate Eid with friends over zoom, we can still indulge in Eid staples in our own kitchens, and most importantly, we are keeping our friends and family safe by staying at home. One Eid gathering missed and spent at home may save countless lives. 

Stay safe and Eid Mubarak! 

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