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Where to Buy Dates Online For Ramadan

Ramadan Kareem to all of you!

We all know that dates are synonymous with Ramadan and it wouldn’t be a Iftar table without those sweet, dried fruit there. Whether you like them blitzed up into date truffle balls, smothered in white/dark/milk chocolate, stuffed with nuts or candied fruit peel or even just plain ol’ regular dates, we’ve got you covered with a list of places that are selling dates this Ramadan. They also double up as a fantastic Ramadan Kareem treat to your close friends and family!

Where to Buy Dates Online for Ramadan

The Date Project

One of the main focuses of Ramadan is charity and giving to those in need. The Date Project is an initiative by the SKT foundation that does just that. With each purchase of a tin of dates, you are able to support a charitable cause of your choice as follows: 

  • A Dates For Orphans tin provides education to orphans who are staying at SKT Welfares Springs of Hope Centre.
  • A Dates For Rohingya tin provides vital food and aid to those in need in Rohingya 
  • A Dates For Palestine box provides 500 litres of water to those in Palestine
  • A Dates for Yemen box gives vital food and aid to those in need
  • A Dates For Syria box gives 50 loaves of breads in Syria 

Price: £10 per tin
Delivery: Nationwide delivery


Bateel has always been the creme de la creme of dates and it feels like such a treat to break your fast with one of their delicious, luxury dates. We suggest you go for the assorted box with dates that are stuffed with a variety of goodies like candied ginger, pistachios, smoked almonds, candied orange and lemon peels, roasted nuts, salted macadamia and plenty more so that you can get a taster of everything. They also sell beautiful gift sets from a mini chest of drawers filled with dates to beautifully printed gift boxes. 

Delivery: 12Euros for delivery from Bateel Middle East

Date Sultan

Date Sultan is an online retailer who not just sell hand-picked premium dates like jumbo ajwa dates, saghai dates, jumbo medjool and sukari rutab dates but they also sell, wait for it, medjool dates stuffed with lotus biscoff and a biscoff crumb on top. On top of their delicious dates, they also ethically source their dates from farms that pay a fair living wage. Now, that’s what you call a good date.

Delivery: Free shipping


If you really need some dates pronto, the DORIMED store on Amazon can make sure it’s on your doorstep by tomorrow if you have Prime! They offer two boxes – nut-stuffed dates or white chocolate covered dates that have been rolled in crushed nuts – and have many 5 star reviews! 

Website: Amazon
Price: £16.99 for a box of chocolate covered dates and £17.99 for a box of nut stuffed dates
Delivery: Free if you have Amazon prime

Rita Farhi

Having been around since 2003, Rita Farhi are known for their premium chocolate gift boxes as well as their fruit and nut collection. Their Belgian chocolate and stuffed date selection gift box is ideal for Ramadan as it features over 30 dates that are filled and covered in a variety of goodies like milk, dark and white chocolates, marzipan, orange peels and nuts. 

They are also offering 15% off any orders for Ramadan and Eid which expires on 14th May

Price: £35 for a box of chocolate covered dates
Delivery: Nationwide delivery that is free with orders over £30 or £3.95 for orders under £30

The Datery 

The Datery have been around since forever and were first on the scene to sell their delectable gourmet dates. You can expect to find date variations like dark chocolate covered dates, pistachio covered dates, rose covered dates and white chocolate with coconut flakes in their classic The Datery Experience box, as well as stuffed dates and date platters – ideal as a Ramadan Kareem gift! 

Price: The Datery Experience gift box costs £19.95 and the gourmet stuffed dates are £22.00
Delivery: Nationwide delivery with free delivery over £30

Elate Dates

Elate Dates are known for their lovely date gift boxes that are packed with an array of chocolate covered dates like milk chocolate with nutella and hazelnut, dark chocolate with peanut butter and pecan, caramel chocolate with almond and lots, l ots more. But chocolate covered dates aside, their date truffle boxes are divine and make a change from all the regular dates you’ll be eating this month. 

Price: Small date truffle box costs £16.99 and the dates gift box starts from £6.45 for a mini box
Delivery: Nationwide delivery starting from £3.55

Tamrah Assorted Dates

You’ve probably come across Tamrah dates in many supermarkets, as gifts, across social media and basically, everywhere. They specialise in a variety of chocolate covered dates like coconut dates, dark chocolate covered dates, milk chocolate orange dates (Terry’s anyone?), caramel and plenty more. You can buy them individually, in zipper bags or in a tin – just be sure to go for the assortment to try all the flavours!

Price: A large zipper bag costs £16.99
Delivery: Nationwide delivery starts from £3.50. Shipping to Europe costs £10

Deliciously Dates 

Delicious Dates sells, well, dates and many of them too. From Palestinian Medjool dates to luxury khudri dates to safawi dates, they’ve got a range of dates available to order on their website as well as chocolate covered and stuffed ones, plus yellow dates too. Their date truffles or Ramadan selection would make for a great gift to start Ramadan with. 

Delivery: Across the UK, Europe and US. Nationwide UK delivery starts at £3.50.

Al Manaar

Al Manaar are the largest Islamic superstore in the UK so getting a hold of some dates won’t be a problem here! They supply just about every date under the sun including Palestinian medjool, awjwa, khudri, safwi, and sagai dates. You can also shop for other items you may need for Ramadan whilst you’re there. 

Delivery: Nationwide delivery at £3.99. It is free for orders over £30. 

Ramadan Kareem everyone!


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