Where To Buy Dates This Ramadan

Dates (the food kind!) will always have a special place in any Muslim’s heart but dates during Ramadan just have that extra something special to them. Each one of these natural goodies are packed with a punch of essential nutrients to really replenish you once the long fast is broken, plus it is one of the main foods recommended to eat by the Prophet (SAW). Clearly, there is no going wrong with the almighty date!

Whether they are covered in chocolate, stuffed with nuts or even your regular plain dates, here’s a roundup of some of the best dates to break your fast with or even gift to a loved one this Ramadan. 

Your Guide To Buying The Best Dates This Ramadan

Bateel Gourmet

When you think of dates, the first name to pop into your mind is most probably Bateel Gourmet – the most popular date brand around the globe. They are the world’s only grower, producer, and seller of organic gourmet dates that are sustainably farmed from their date farms found in the Al Ghat region in Saudi Arabia. The meticulous level of care and thought that goes into each one of their dates results in a product that is delectably soft with a caramel-like taste. 

Their Ramadan collection this year is perhaps the best one yet: a collection of hand-crafted wooden chest and drawers adorned with Arabic calligraphy and geometric patterns. Each box comes with an assortment of premium filled dates that have been delightfully stuffed with either nuts or candied fruit peels. You can choose between the Empress, Chromite and Marvel sets to gift to your nearest and dearest (or for yourself, who’s judging!) for a truly special and luxurious Ramadan. 

If you’re looking for something a little less va-va-voom but equally as delicious, Bateel also offers simpler gift boxes that are just as striking like the Aida, Yasmeen, Safi and plenty more that can be purchased from their website. 

Buy the dates here

Zaytoun CIC

Zaytoun is a social enterprise that was created to help support Palestinian farmers through fairtrade. Their range of Medjoul dates from Jericho are ridiculously good and everything that you would want in a date; honey-like sweetness with a slight chew, it’s no wonder they won a Great Taste award back in 2018. All the dates have been ethically sourced from farmers that have been growing them in the Jordan Valley and whilst you’re at it, why not take part in the Plant A Tree initiative they are currently running! 

Buy the dates here

The Date Project 

Dates with a good cause will make any Ramadan special which is why the date tins from The Date Project are a must. They have 5 charitable date tins on offer for Syria, Palestine, Pakistan, Yemen and Orphans, all filled with large, sweet Medjool dates. 

Buy the dates here

The Datery 

We’ve always enjoyed the growing range of creative dates from The Datery like the hand-painted dark chocolate covered ones, the ganache stuffed dates and the white chocolate and coconut dates. They also sell a great collection of chocolate gifts like hot chocolate bombs, bars, and clusters, making these a great Ramadan Mubarak or Eid present for friends and relatives! 

Buy the dates here

Marks & Spencer

Marks & Spencer are offering a great selection box of dates that come topped, filled and chocolate-covered! Whilst you could give them away as a Ramadan Kareem gift, you wouldn’t want to miss out on these plump and sweet dates!

Available to purchase from select stores.

Rita Farhi 

There is no going wrong with chocolate covered dates so why not opt for some of the finest ones from Rita Farhi, a premium confectionery company since 2003. Their gift box contains 9 different types of Medjool dates that have either been dipped in creamy Belgian chocolate (dark, white and milk) or stuffed with an assortment of fillings: marzipan, orange peel and nuts. 

Buy the dates here

Maison Samadi

Maison Samadi have been known for their outstanding chocolates since 1872 making their chocolate covered dates well worth a try. Covered in both dark and milk chocolate, the dates also come stuffed with chocolate coffee paste, candied ginger and orange peel and nuts. 

Buy the dates here

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