Whipped Feta Garlic Dip

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We’re all about this whipped feta garlic dip this Ramadan and here are about a million reasons why:

  • It takes less than 5 minutes to make
  • It uses one piece of equipment so less cleaning up
  • It uses items you’ll already have in your fridge or pantry 
  • It works well with just about anything: a sandwich spread, dunking your dates into, making bruschetta with or a condiment to your rice and kebab. 
  • And of course, it’s tasty. 

Okay that was only 5 reasons but you get the picture. It’s a great dip and it’s also a great test of any relationship thanks to the healthy amount of garlic you’ll be dropping in.

We made sure to add the za’atar and aleppo chilli flakes as a garnish to help combat the creamy richness of the dip. If you don’t have these on hand, feel free to add any of these:

  • Chilli flakes and honey – use as a garnish on top if you like the sweet and salty combo
  • Dried oregano, dried thyme and lemon zest – you can add this into the mixture when blitzing it
  • Roasted peppers – adds a subtle spice to the rich dip
  • Toasted pine nuts

Whipped Feta Garlic Dip Recipe


1 pack feta cheese
1 heaped tbsp Hellmann’s Real Squeezy Mayonnaise
1 heaped greek yoghurt
Squeeze of lemon
2-4 fat garlic cloves, chopped 
Black pepper 
To garnish: olive oil, fresh dill, za’atar and pul biber (aleppo chilli flakes)


  1. In a food processor/blender/bowl, mix together the feta cheese, Hellmann’s mayonnaise, greek yoghurt, garlic cloves and black pepper until it has become thick and creamy. 
  2. Scoop out into a plate and garnish with olive oil, za’ater and aleppo chilli flakes. 
  3. Serve with raw vegetables, bread/crackers and/or crisps. 
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