As I’ve gotten older (a ripe 26 year old!), I’ve slowly started to develop “elderly” traits. Here is an example. On an almost weekly basis, BW and I will drive down Kilburn and I’ll recollect the story of how I once visited this amazing Afghan/Persian restaurant many years ago in Cricklewood, called Zeytoon. I’ll then go on to say how we should really visit there again because I had enjoyed it so much! BW will ever so kindly respond to my story and then remind me how I’ve told him 100 times.

A couple of weeks ago, I think I told him my story one too many times, and he took me to Zeytoon to get it out of my system. I had also been recommended the restaurant numerous times by you guys, so we took my MIL (a fellow Persian lover too like me!) along too. We got seated and ordered.

Food at Zeytoon


Steamed dumplings stuffed with fried minced lamb and onions, and topped with mint yoghurt and a spicy tomato sauce. Whilst this was cooked well, the lamb that had been packed inside the parcel needed more flavour that wasn’t provided with either the sauces or the seasoning.


Mixed Grill for 3 [£34.95]
A humongous platter of mixed kebabs arrived to the table – boneless joojeh (chicken), three koobidehs (minced lamb), one barg (baby lamb fillet), and one chenjeh (diced baby lamb) – with three plates of rice and grilled tomatoes on the side. Crikey, perhaps our eyes were bigger than our stomachs when we ordered this from the menu, but hey at least we got to try most items on the menu!

The koobidehs were good; extremely succulent with just the right amount of fat, plus flavourful too! Unfortunately, both the diced lamb and lamb fillet were both very salty and had an off-putting lamby flavour to them. The joojeh chicken was quite dry too.

The total bill amounted to £53.15 for three people, including drinks and service, so approximately £18 each. Considering the amount of food we received, this was not bad at all, especially as one can order a chelow kebab koobideh for £6.95 – now that’s a halal cheap eat! However, whilst the koobideh reigned, the mantu and other kebabs were not as good. I was extremely disappointed with our meal and I do not think I would return to Zeytoon for a while.

For restaurant website, click here

Unfortunately, Zeytoon didn’t make it to my top 5 Persian restaurants in London, but you can find the list here.

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