Flesh & Buns have released a halal Japanese Fried Chicken bun kit

Flesh & Buns, sister of Bone Daddies, is a Japanese Izakaya restaurant that became popular due to their fun variety of steamed buns like the miso aubergine bun or the portobello mushroom buns. They have always offered halal chicken at their restaurants however due to the fried chicken being fried in the same oil as non-halal items, it meant we couldn’t really eat it. 

Well, looks like things have changed for us as they are now dropping their JFC – that’s Japanese Fried Chicken – bun kit, so you can have a go at recreating their popular dish from scratch at home! 

The kit comes complete with:

  • 6 Halal chicken thighs in buttermilk 
  • 6 pillowy bao buns
  • JFC powder 
  • BBQ mayonnaise
  • Red chillies
  • Shisho leaves 
  • Bamboo steamer (this comes at an additional cost)

You’ll be frying the chicken and steaming the buns yourself, but with a cooking time of 30 minutes, it means you can easily put this together for an easy weeknight dinner. 

This kit is launching today so be sure to place your order asap so you can get your box next week! 

Halal status: Chicken is halal 

Price: £27.50 for two for the JFC bun kit. The JFC kit with a bamboo steamer costs £35 for two. 

Website: https://www.fleshandbuns.com/ 

To order your Japanese Fried Chicken bun kit, click here

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