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Steak on the Green

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It has certainly been a minute since I’ve had a good halal steak in London. Either the steaks are extremely expensive, e.g. one of my favourite steaks in London costs […]


Zelman Meats

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You know that feeling when it comes to the end of the week, and you haven’t made any plans, there is no dinner at home, and you just want to […]


Red Iron Steakhouse

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Red Iron Burgers and I go a long way back. You see, it all started back in 2012 when HGAT was in it’s early days; I was young, curious, and […]



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I’m sure you’ve all heard of the phrases ‘looks can be deceiving’ or ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’, especially from your mum when trying to set you up […]



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As you all know, my lovely sister got hitched about five years ago and moved an eight hour flight journey away to the States. Since then, I’ve taken it upon […]



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As you may remember, I mentioned I may have gained a few extra unwanted pounds but have been eating super healthy since (with the exception of that amazing, salted caramel […]


HGAT Brunch Series – Christopher’s

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Covent Garden has to be one of my favourite places in London. Every single day of the year, it is packed full of people, market stalls, and street performers of […]

Meat Co Beef Rib and Cheese Burger

The Meat Co Competition – CLOSED

Estimated reading time: 2 mins

*This competition is now closed – thanks for all your entries* I have some exciting news for all you awesome readers! Remember my previous post on The Meat Co? Well, […]


The Meat Co II

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A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to dine at The Meat Co. Formerly known as the Meat & Wine Co., you all know that I have been to […]



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Every single person on this planet has a birthday and whether you celebrate it or not, it marks the date when you become that one year older. For those that […]

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