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Where to Find Halal Fish and Chips in London

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Maybe it’s the crispy batter and flaky fish, or the chunky chips with a sprinkle of salt and drizzle of malt vinegar with perhaps a side of curry sauce; or simply it’s a combination of both that make fish & chips such a well-loved and iconic combo. 

London may not be by the seaside but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a good ol’ classic fish & chips. The national dish may not be the most well-known at its capital but, if you know where to look, the city does have a couple of great options around town and halal-friendly ones as well!

Here are some of the best halal fish & chips in London to try:

The Best Halal Fish and Chips in London

Credit: Every Fish Bar

Every Fish Bar

Every Fish Bar is one of the very few black-owned chippies around town and it might just be one of the best gems around town when it comes to fish & chips. It has just been shortlisted by Fry Magazine for top 50 best fish & chips across the whole of UK and is well-loved by locals for not just their fish & chips but also their other Afro-Caribbean offerings. Everything is halal.

Website: http://everyfishbar.co.uk/ 

Location: Harrow

Credit: Poppies

Poppies Fish & Chips

Poppies Fish & Chips have been in business since 1952 and continue to be a widely popular spot in London for their classic British fish & chips. They use non-alcoholic batter and cook their fish in groundnut oil. 

Their original shop in Hanbury Street embraces its vintage vibes, with 1950s memorabilia filled across the shop floor. Choose from cod or haddock, and complete the meal with a side of their mushy peas as well! 

Website: https://poppiesfishandchips.co.uk/ 

Location: Bricklane / Camden / Soho

Credit: Ink Fish Bar

Ink Fish Bar

Not quite your traditional fish & chips, Ink Fish Bar features a contemporary take on the British classic and prides themselves for sourcing fresh sustainable fish for their menu. They use a non-alcoholic batter for their fish, and most outstandingly, serves it with a unique pink tartare sauce that’s made with beetroot. Their chips are also triple cooked for maximum deliciousness. 

While you’re there, don’t miss out on their very popular calamari as well! 

Website: https://www.inkfishbar.com/ 

Location: Camden

Credit: The Golden Chippy

The Golden Chippy

Popular amongst locals, The Golden Chippy has been labelled to serve the best fish & chips in the area, if not one of the best ones around London. You can opt for a non-alcoholic batter and ask to cook separately with other non-halal items. A little different to your typical fish & chips, theirs also come with a Mediterranean style salad.

Website: https://www.thegoldenchippy.co.uk/ 

Location: Greenwich 

Credit: Sea Shell of Lisson Grove

The Sea Shell of Lisson Grove

A little fancier than your typical chippie shop, The Sea Shell of Lisson Grove has attracted not just locals but also the likes of celebrities to visit. They use a non-alcoholic batter for their fish and fry them using pure groundnut oil. You can also opt for a panko or Matzo meal coating instead of traditional batter. The fish & chips come with bottomless chips as well.

Website: https://www.seashellrestaurant.co.uk/ 

Location: Marylebone

Credit: Salt and Vinegar?

Salt & Vinegar?

There are plenty of Korean eateries in New Malden but there’s also some lovely halal fish & chips too! Salt & Vinegar? is a popular one in the area and serves halal fish & chips. Other menu items such as their burgers and some of the sausages are also halal with the exception of pies and saveloy. Any non-halal items are cooked and handled separately.

Website: https://saltandvinegar.org.uk/ 

Location: New Malden

Here are a few other fish and chip shops worth visiting:

  • Mr Fish, Queen’s Park – fully halal
  • The Mayfair Chippy – offer a non-alcohol batter. Ask for it to be cooked separately.
  • Sea Master, Rickmansworth – no alcohol used in the batter and all items are halal.
  • Sea Pebbles, Watford
  • Micky’s Chippy, Stoke Newington
  • Micky’s Fish and Chips, Paddington

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