Mandalay Golden Myanmar

Another flaw of mine: I like to sit on things. No, not physically sit on objects, but I like to contemplate and have a good long think when it comes to any decision making in my life. Most of the time, especially with big decisions, it tends to work in my favour. Unfortunately the same […]

Halal Restaurants in Paris

Enroute to the city of love (or louvre as you may)?  Well, you will be happy to know that there is an abundance of halal restaurants in Paris! You can read my guide to Paris here but here is a definitive list and map of the halal options out there! Do be sure to download the […]


Taking your parents out for dinner, especially for Indian/Pakistani food, is a bit of a gamble, much like when you decide to sit and watch a movie with them. Unfortunately, the odds are rarely in your favour. You’ll spend most of the film praying that no awkward scene shows up, and the one time they actually […]

Eid in London 2017

After a long 30 days of fasting, Ramadan is coming to an end. It has not been the easiest month for us, but one that has really opened my eyes to just how charitable and united we become, not just for Ramadan, but in our every day lives too. One case in example was the unfortunate […]

Burger UK

A while back, I was excited to report that HGAT was expanding and I was looking to hire. Of course, it couldn’t just be anyone, they had to be the most perfect person ever. Picky? Me? Never. I went through a sea of CVs, and whilst I really did love some of them, especially Halal Boy […]


You know who the best types of friends are? The ones who, despite not seeing them in forever, will make you feel as if you just saw them yesterday. She’ll come fully equipped with ice-cream, cupcakes, and just about anything comforting when you need a shoulder to cry on. 

Tabun Kitchen

Working from home has it’s perks; I get to have that extra 30 minutes of sleep in the morning, conference calls can be done in my pyjamas, and most importantly, my bed sometimes makes the most comfortable desk. However, there comes a point during the week where I just have to get out of the […]

Famous Flames

I feel like I haven’t written about a halal burger joint in, what seems like, FOREVER. That’s because I vetoed any halal restaurant in London that specialises in these so-called ‘gourmet’ halal burgers, and for a good while, I stuck to my word. However, one fateful grey Saturday afternoon, I happened to scroll past one […]

Ramadan in London 2017

Ah, one of our favourite and most blessed months, Ramadan, is finally upon us! It is a little ironic that someone who talks, eats, and sleeps halal food loves Ramadan so much, but when there are so many good halal restaurants in London, you just can’t help yourself. So for those days that you don’t […]

Kerb does Alchemy 2017: The Halal

KERB does Alchemy: The Halal Want to have one last epic food-filled week before Ramadan comes along? Head down to Kerb does Alchemy at Southbank Centre. Theres an array of street-food vendors serving up South Asian treats. Of course, I’ve done the hard (and delicious) work for you guys, so read on to find out which […]